End of an Era.

Cats out of the bag. I have been attempting to keep this little secret till Monday because officially no one could announce it yet. Well, no secrets anymore. Come the second week of May after almost two years at the running store, I will no longer be there.


On Monday night, our running store staff was called for a quick meeting. (You see where this is going huh?) We were told this DC location, the only DC location of our running store family stores would be moving to Gallery Place, aka closer to downtown DC rather than out in NW. Wow. Total news to all of us. Even the manager had only been informed that morning.

But what does this mean? Here’s the picture. This store is a neighborhood store. We have those loyal customers who live right around the area, most within walking distance. This new location is almost a 40-60 metro ride on the weekend if you are lucky because of the dang metro delays. Everyone, including myself, at the running store is within walking distance besides the manager and one other coworker. We were all asked to move to this location. All of us.

I won’t lie, I was super torn. I actually fully thought come the second week of May I would be moving. But I realized that would make my weekends hell and even less time and money shelled out just to get there. Plus, most of my coworkers won’t be moving to the new location either. I knew deep down, that gut feeling, was that I had to let it go. Woof.


This place has been my second home, especially the last few months. My running store coworkers are and will always be some of my best friends in DC. That will never change. I think part of me worried that I would lose those people but if anything this store shift has brought me closer to them and they will still be those people I see weekly/daily and lean on all the time. I am beyond grateful for what this store gave me in skill sets. I gained this confidence of expertise I never have felt in anything else, I also found a passion for running you can’t replicate.

Ironically, this came at the same time as a mini promotion at my real job giving me the Senior title and a slight raise. Setting me up for a new internal position promotion come May (ultimately where I want to be). What a relief. Money will always be a stress point for me but this at least gave me a little peace of mind on that front.

So, the next 7 weeks or so I will be saying bye to my store and hello to free weekends. I turned from sad to actually excited. I am so ready to be able to really put more into those relationships around me – both with these amazing running store ladies and the new blogger connections I have made in DC. I think the itch has been there. I keep meeting more amazing internet connections and even work connections that make me want to have that time.

I have to look at the evolution of this job. What started as almost a necessary financial help turned to a ‘avoid what I was really feeling’ job then turned to a job that felt like a second home. How far I have come in just two years in DC is awesome to see through this job because it really shows those ups and downs I have had in DC.

Saying all this though, this new found time will most likely not be spent blogging. I love this space but lately have found this need for distance from being personal even greater and the desire to read blogs even less attractive. No, I won’t be disappearing but you will hear a lot more ‘just too busy to blog’. My real work has picked up significantly and I need to invest time in that. My running and training is clicking and I want to keep that momentum up. I won’t lie – there is also a fear of stopping blogging. I have met amazing ladies through this, ones that have made DC home for me. I fear that dropping off the face of the earth on the internets will end those new connections I started to make. This week is another presentation week at work and with races coming up in the next months, my mind is just on life – not blogging. As I try to push all those fears aside.


Even without the store, running will always be my passion. But I can’t thank the store enough for what it gave me as I came to DC. It helped me find where I want to invest my time, who I want to invest my time with and how necessary it is to invest in myself.

Now excuse me as I begin to hoard all the discounted Mizunos I can get in the meantime…

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93 responses to “End of an Era.

  1. It’s always bittersweet to come to the end of a journey, but it is exciting to start a new one. You’re closing one chapter and opening up a new one. Whatever happens will only bring fourth a bright future. It’s great that you became close with the people you did, because now you have people to go to and spend your weekends with. If you feel in your heart you made the right decision, then you did. I wish you all the best of luck. <3

    • I am excited to actually be able to hang with them outside of night hours, I mean we can actually hang out during the day. Honestly I think it took some time but I have come to peace with me not being able to work there anymore.

  2. This makes me sad; I loved having a running store in the neighborhood. But I’m glad to hear things will work out for your financially with the promotion at work.

    • We couldn’t believe it, between you and I, I think it is a stupid move on their front. They have a huge population here with loyal customers and they are just leaving them behind. Plus their new location just blows.

  3. Wow, what news. I’m glad thinking are clicking in terms of your job and running, and I totally understand how this decision was a dilemma. You guys will definitely stay in touch, though; like you wrote, it’s a second family. So, so proud of your promotion! Definitely deserved!

  4. Um congrats on the promotion!! I love the positivite outlook you took on the store closing. The friends you made at the store are friends for life and it will be great to spend time with them in a different atmosphere! You are going to love having free time, it’s fabulous I have learned!

  5. That is so sad, but I bet God has a plan with that promotion you use happened to get at the same time!

  6. Exciting things, lady :D It’s always sad when one chapter of our lives closes, but it’s good to remember that there are always better things to come. And a huge congrats on the promotion! Definitely well-deserved :D

  7. I am sad to hear this for you because I know how much you enjoyed working there. Not just because of the money but because you enjoyed the people, the environment, ect. I’m glad it will work out money wise too. I didn’t realize you were moving as well! #allthemoves

    • I am lucky that I will always be physically close to my coworkers because we all lived within walking distance. Makes it easier to see each other which I love. I will miss this place though, no lie.

  8. Haha perfect way to end it girl. I’m sorry to hear that your store is relocating since I know how much that job has come to mean, but I think you have an awesome attitude, and I can’t wait to hear about the shenanigans you get into on your free weekends :)

  9. So sorry to hear about the running store. I know it has been a big part of your life. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason, and am so happy to hear how everything with your job is going. Promotion? You rock star :) It’s all going to be amazing in the end.

    • I hope that is so, I keep trying to remind myself that things happen for a reason. Maybe it will be exactly what I need in the end. It kind of was that easy way to get out when I was so ambivalent about doing it before.

  10. Buying enough shoes to last a while sounds like the smartest thing to do ;) I am so sorry to hear the store is moving. What a huge disappointment, but knowing where you want to go in your company, I think this is smart and will be the best thing for you! Blogging will be here, but focus on the things going well for you- the training, the working.. everything will go as it’s supposed to!

    • Oh yes, I mean everyone already started joking how we plan to use our discounts to full advantage when we have it. I think I am trying to balance what I want and need to do, not an easy balancing act at all

  11. Definitely some big changes for you lady, but I’m happy for you – it sounds like you’re definitely making the best decision for where you are right now. And congrats on the promotion!

    • I think everyone including myself is relieved for this almost push out of two jobs. It could really open up a lot more for me and a lot more energy into my current job where my future will be.

  12. I am a big believer that along with one bad thing there are like three good things that follow. So even though it’s sad that the running store is ending, you have an amazing promotion. If my math is correct, you still have two more great things coming your way. You deserve it.

  13. Even though it’s hard now, I know that this is happening for a good reason. You can’t see the big picture now, but one day you will look back and be thankful. It is exciting to think about what else will happen!

  14. I’m sorry to hear that you’ll miss the work but in some ways, it is a good thing – with a big promotion at work at will be great to have more time and less stress from juggling so much! Congratulations on the new role Alex!

  15. I can only imagine how hard this decision was for you. Are your other friends moving to the store or staying local like you?? Also, congrats on the promotion! It will all work out in the end. You will have some more freedom, too. Hope it all turns out for the better :)

    • Most are not going there – it honestly isn’t worth the commute, even our manager is switching stores and working at another location. I think that is what makes it easier, switching stores without them would kind of suck.

  16. For the record. I am freaking stoked that you will have free weekends now. I’m telling you Pacers is the way to go. I work once a week from 530-9, rough right? EEEEEK! See you Saturday!

  17. That’s really sad that the store will be moving, frustrating for everyone I am sure, especially those employees and customers who live close by. I’m glad you are able to look at the bright side (hello more time on weekends!) though, there’s always that silver lining! Congrats on the promotion at the other job though, sounds like hard work is paying off and things are falling into place– that is something to celebrate!

    • I think that is the sad part, our customers are all so local and the location difference is huge. I honestly think we will lose a lot of them sadly. Stinks, just stinks. Silver linings for sure.

  18. What a hard time, but it seems things are moving in a positive direction on other fronts for you!

  19. katalysthealth

    Sorry to hear about all this hun, but you’ve got a really positive outlook on it all. I bet this is such a frustrating situation for everyone involved.

  20. Oh man, what a major blow :( I’m so sorry to hear about the store, especially since it’s clear that place has been really important to you and your development in D.C. It sounds like you definitely made the right decision, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more fun to have to say goodbye to a place that had such an impact on you. I’m sure you’ll be able to maintain those running store friendships, though — those people are clearly very important in your life, and there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll make those relationships work, even when you’re not seeing each other in the store all the time. And, silver lining, think of what you’ll be able to do with time off! It’s so nice to have free time to enjoy yourself, and I bet you’ll really be able to capitalize on that now that you won’t have to work seven days a week. AND finally, CONGRATS on your promotion!! I’m so excited for you! Ultimately, since that is your “real job,” it’s probably best to be able to dedicate a little more time to that than having to juggle two jobs, and it sounds like you are seriously kicking butt at you real job right now :) Good work, girl!

    • So true, I think I needed to look at the bigger picture. My real job is where my focus should be and that is all I can ask for. Still a sad realization that this place will no longer be there. We keep saying it is almost better we can’t walk by and it be there but we aren’t – at least we won’t ever be looking at. I mean maybe once but dude the location sucks to get to from me.

  21. I’m sorry to hear about the store, it is always tough to leave a work “family” like that. I definitely think that life take precedence over blogging, so enjoy it! :-)

  22. It’s totally cliche, but the saying “When one door closes, another opens” is totally true! Definitely stock up on those sale items, though… ;-)

    I (obviously) have been taking extended breaks from blogging, and while I miss it, I also love having more time!

  23. Congrats on the work promotion! That’s super exciting and sounds like it puts you in a good position for where you want to be in the future. Never a bad thing. Bummer about the running store job, but who knows, maybe a better opportunity will appear soon enough?! :-)

  24. Aww, changes like this affect me big time for a while, but then in time things always smooth out! Something new is coming your way, along with your new promotion!! Way to turn this into a positive outlook…booya!

  25. Oww a new chapter, bittersweet to say the least but hopefully for the better! Congratulations on your work promotion! Lots of Love C

  26. Well, good and not so good news I guess? Sorry that you were forced to make a tough decision, although it does seem like you made the right choice! But on the other hand, congratulations for the mini promotion. That’s awesome!

    Enjoy your last weeks at the running store.

  27. Ashley @MilesonOats

    GIRLLLL, congratulations! With a side of I am sorry and that really sucks. But I know that you followed your heart and intuition, those two things never fail. Change scares the begeebus out of me, but I think this will turn out being a major growth opportunity for you and bigger and better things are headed your way <3

  28. Wow sorry to hear you’re leaving the store, but hey congratulations on the promotion! You win some, you lose some. :D

  29. Wow big changes! I think it’s a good thing, you need some free time girl!

  30. I lived in Cleveland Park for several years and adored having a PR Running store a block away from me. Sometimes I went in even if I didn’t need anything, just to chat with the guys on staff. I love that your running store team became another family to you. I’ve been in California for nearly a year now, and about to move to San Diego, where I hope to find a new local running store, and perhaps even work at one. I loved reading about your personal experience!

    • Gah this is awesome! We were all in shock that it was leaving, also we know a ton of loyal customers will be totally shocked by it. It is really the only running store near that area. I highly recommend looking into working at one, it honestly brought me closer to DC

  31. It sounds like a bittersweet situation, but its’ great that you’re looking at it in a positive light and are excited to get your weekends back! YOu can get yourself into a lot of running adventures with all the extra time :) And I’m sure your relationships with your coworkers will not end just because your common job does…now you’ll just have to schedule more happy hours and buddy runs with them ;)

  32. Aw, that’s so sad! :-( I have a PT job that I’ve been clinging to for seemingly forever because I just can’t imagine leaving, and now I’m getting closer to having to leave, and it’s making me sad. It’s good to see that you have a promotion, but I know it’s not easy to leave the store/friends behind.

  33. Congrats on the new promotion! And we will be here for you when you return to blogging : )

  34. Congrats on your promotion! There’s always a silver lining it seems like you made the right decision for sure!

  35. bittersweet but it’s always good to find the good in something that may look to be bad at first.
    i’m the same way i blog for me only-when I have time/have something to say. we’ll still be here :)

  36. Leaving my PT job, while kind of sad because I loved what I did and loved the people, turned into a relief. And combo-ed with a promotion! Excited for what’s in store for you!!

  37. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to change because you get so comfortable and are scared to change things yourself. I think I’m starting to find myself in that position, actually, so I wonder if it’s the same for you. Maybe this “push” will make your life better because you already have the relationships from the job, but now you’ll have free time to take better care of YOU :)

  38. I’m sorry about the closing, but woohoo on the promotion!! Best of luck keeping in touch with old friends/coworkers.

  39. sorry about the store but getting a promotion! yay!! that’s great! keep in touch with your friends/coworkers! if y’all get along great, then there will be no problem with that! ps. free weekends are great! until you realize you have to spend money so hopefully there’ll be cheap stuff to do. :)

  40. OMG I can’t believe the store is moving!!!! That actually breaks my heart a bit even though I no longer live in the neighborhood :(. I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well and there are good things coming your way, though! Miss seeing you out running in the mornings!

    • I know isn’t it crazy. I think the locals are going to be pretty mad, we already had people tell us they will never be able to get to our new location. stupid move if you ask me. Miss seeing you out and about too!

  41. Sounds like the right decision and your attitude is great. Enjoy those weekend.

  42. when i found out they were closing CWonder, i was so sad, not because it was the job of my dreams (um hello retail kinda blows) but because of the people i worked with. It sounds like you have an amazing group of friends there and i’m sure you will keep in touch, but like the cliche says, when one door closes, another opens. love and miss you <3

    • Yep, totally feel you on that. So over working all the time but at the same time it is the people. luckily I think we have gotten a lot closer so I don’t think we will lose touch at all. Miss ya too lady

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  44. I’m so sorry to hear about your store, Alex. I know those kinds of endings can definitely be hard, but it sounds like this is going to end up being such a positive thing for you! Plus, I know you’ll enjoy having a little more free time!

  45. Congratulations on your promotion at work! I’m really sorry to hear about the store, but I think this will all be great for you :)

    I think money will always be a big source of stress for me, too….but focusing on the fact that I still get to enjoy little things in life (the best things, in my opinion!) always helps me feel better.

  46. lyssthenutritionist

    The end of an era means you’re on to bigger and better things!

  47. I have a relatively hard time saying goodbye and letting go of things I have grown attached to. I can totally understand where you are coming from. Mizunos are the only shoes I run in!

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