If Nothing Were Stopping Me.

I am learning my time management skills are such a blessing right now. How I am cramming everything in while trying to remain sane – still a mystery. I should probably thank Megan for giving me lots to look forward to and texting with friends who just get it. Keep calm and lean on friends. Amen?

One thing I really love about the blogging community is that it is constantly growing. I feel like each week I find a new blog or a new interaction that just adds that spark to your perspective. I read this post yesterday on this lady’s blog and couldn’t help but get intrigued. Mostly because my mind started running wild with ideas. I swear, I saw this phrase to myself almost daily. I wish I was one of those people who didn’t let things hold me back and take more chances – but for now, a girl can dream.

If nothing were stopping me…

I would get a tattoo. We all know I have been wanting one, I even know what I would get. I just can’t find the guts to actually do it. Plus, the place I want it (my ribs) scares the bejesus out of me. Oh and that whole money factor too…

I would fly home each Saturday afternoon for church and dinner with my extended family. I think the distance from my family is still a tough spot for me. I want to be closer although I do love my life in DC. It stinks to not see family on a weekly basis, especially because I grew up so close to my whole extended family (within 15-20 minute drive). Saturday night church at the full Arabic mass then dinner out was such a tradition.


I would never have dirty laundry or a dirty apartment. Those cleaning fairies? They would be my jam.

I would see my cousin run one of her big races. I don’t talk much about family ironically. My cousin is 16 years old and a baller runner. Like I mean National status, top in country female runner. When I saw she blows runners out of the water, I am not even exaggerating. When I ran in high school I remember feeling how it just wasn’t a big deal because no one ever came to watch me. It wasn’t like drama shows or concerts, running was just this side thing I did. Probably why I still haven’t had my family come to any of my races, ever. I want my cousin to not feel this same way. I want her to honestly feel she 100% doing something that everyone around her is invested in, making her feel even more empowered when she runs.


I would have a dog. It is more so my guilt about having a dog that holds me back. I miss having someone to cuddle with on the couch, I like that feeling of coming home and having someone so happy to see you. I just know I spend almost 15 hours of my day out of the apartment, that just isn’t fair to a dog.


I would travel to Lebanon. Always been my number one place I want to visit.

I would have my own fashion style and rock it. Gosh, one that I literally think about all the time. I hate shopping for clothes due to my past which doesn’t help. But I dream of the day that I am just known as having that Alex style that I find a way to stand out in. A lot of insecurities hinder this one.

I would never feel alone. Who wouldn’t ask for this one?


Question: If you had nothing stopping you, what would you do? 

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64 responses to “If Nothing Were Stopping Me.

  1. Oh man I could use some cleaning fairies in a bad way right now. Unfortunately, studying for midterms > cleaning my apartment.

  2. It’s tough not seeing the fam on a regular basis. We used to do the same thing too: extended family dinner every Sunday no matter what. And it worked because most of my mom’s siblings live within 20 minutes of each other. And I miss my grandma’s meatballs big time. ;)

  3. I have the same reasons holding me back from getting a dog. I would love to have one, but I travel and work too much, so I just don’t think it would be fair. That and the thought of having to take it outside when it’s -30 out is just a little discouraging.

    Family… Oh gosh. I’m super thankful to have my mom and dad close enough so that I can see them every weekend, but I do wish that I could have more of my extended family around.

    And if nothing was stopping me, I’d pack up and move to the mountains — that’s where my heart feels happiest…

    • The mountains, you could so be a mountain girl. Family is what I totally miss which is why I know when I start a family, it will be closer to family altogether. A dog in that weather would be brutal, that poor thing. You would need one that hated the outdoors.

  4. Oh I absolutely love this post. I would have my own fashion line, that would be awesome. I normally buy the majority of my clothing online.

    I’m not a pet person in general and I truly believe that not everyone can own a pet and make it happy.

    If nothing was stopping me I would have my own jet that I could fly anywhere and at anytime to visit friends, relatives, ect.

    • Gah a jet. Now that is almost as good as time travelling because this way you could do it on any schedule you want. Travelling would be so much easier that way. And no schedules to accommodate. A fashion line would also be pretty sweet, I just need a sense of style to do that… haha

  5. I agree with having a dog ! I have been wanting one since I was really young but we got cats instead! Then I moved back to campus so they aren’t allowed, hopefully I’ll be living someone in the next couple years where I can get one :)

  6. I love all of your thingsss. You must do some of them! I have a rib tattoo and I promise it wasn’t thatttt bad. It just feels like some one is angrily scratching you for a little while.

    Also if you ever find that laundry fairy send her my way. I am happy to be working from home today because my laundry is flowing over and taking over my room. Woof.

    Also, feel free to come visit Sasha whenever. She loves to run and LOVES people.

  7. If nothing were stopping me I would buy a house. 1 bedroom apartment, 2 dogs. No need to tell me I’m crazy, I totally get that. Hopefully wherever Dan and I live next we can have a house with a big fenced in backyard. A girl can dream :)

  8. If I had the money, space, and the energy, I’d get a second dog ;-) It might be something that happens down the line though. And go get the tattoo! I have mine on my ribs and it’s not tooo bad – just bring candy, juice or dried fruit for the sake of your blood sugar. I actually want to finish the one on my ribs this summer.

  9. If nothing were stopping me, I’d backpack in Europe. I am seriously craving to go do it. I hope to do it once I am finished with school. :)

  10. I have like 5 tattoos I want…and I legit would love to have a sleeve. HOWEVER, I know that in 20 years, I probably won’t want that sleeve..sooo….I won’t get it. I do have some smaller tattoos I will probably get though!! Legit awesome about your cousin, I guess running just runs in your family!

  11. I would drop everything and travel. This past summer was the first time I ever left the country (I went to Canada once but that doesn’t count). And then I would move someplace fabulous and teach English…..but the whole family aspect holds me back. It’s nice to dream though….

    And get that tattoo!!!! It took me years to come up with mine bc I had issues committing to something so permanent. I would now like a marathon inspired one but it’ll take another 10 years to commit.

    • Gah travelling is a big one for everyone. the money now to do something like that is just insane. and the time/commitments you would have to just plain drop to do it. eek I need to just do this tattoo thing obviously

  12. Loooove this post. Definitely borrowing the idea!
    I feel you on a lot of these. But I checked tattoo off my list in college. Sorry, mom ;)

  13. Love the idea of the cleaning fairies…if you see them, can you please send them my way?

  14. Awesome topic girl. Wow, my head is still spinning trying to decide what I would do. Run in every state and continent. Get a pug and a penguin. Travel at least 1-2 times a month. Go back to school for something (who knows what ha…too many interests). Write a book. Read for hours every day. Go to ireland and take my mum to paris. So many things, it’s crazy

  15. Such a fun topic. Oh man I’d have a dog in a second. They are the best. And yeah those cleaning/laundry fairies would be epic. I think about the style thing everytime I am out clothes shopping (in which case I am usually miserable because I too haaaaaaaaate clothes shopping).

  16. tattoo- do it!!! love my tats.
    dog – omg. of course i say yes to this. life is so entertaining with my pup in my life.
    and travel — well that is always a good idea :)

  17. YES tattoo, YES dog :) But I am biased… I have three tattoos on my ribs and Axl rocks ;)

  18. If nothing were stopping me, my husband and I would go some place like Africa and live there for a while helping people and really learning how blessed we are here. Maybe someday. :)

  19. Love this! If nothing were stopping me I’d move somewhere warmer (though no clue where) and also get a dog. The dog is going to happen eventually but probably not the moving one haha

  20. I’d definitely travel more often if money, work, and my general fear of flying weren’t stopping me. Haha. Which is pretty much everything. But I’d LOVE to travel more. I’d also take more dance classes if money and time weren’t stopping me. And adopt a dog to love me unconditionally :D (and make that somehow able to come with me on all my travel adventures so I wouldn’t have to abandon him/her).

  21. If I had nothing (read: lack of money) stopping me I would finally get new heels and take boxing class… those two totally seem like opposites, don’t they? haha. I’d also get a puppy and kick my roommate out. If only ;). Also you should totally get that tattoo!

  22. GET THE TATTOOS. ribs aren’t too bad…. i mean it hurts but it’s worth it!!

    if nothing were stopping me I would quit my job and get serious about crossfit. i am so in love with the sport and think i could do amazing if i only had the time/money.

    i also would do a heck of a lot of traveling. and visit orphanages.

  23. Girl when you find those cleaning fairies send them my way!! I have a tattoo on my rib age and it hurt like the dickens!! One and only tattoo I ever got.

  24. I totally am with you, Cleaning fairies, where art thou?

    I also really want a dog, but we are not home enough and it wouldn’t be fair to the pup.

    If nothing was stopping me I’d go to the beach for a week right now. Lord knows I could use some sunlight, salt water and sand.

  25. Love, love, love this post, Alex! My mom would agree with you on getting a tattoo! She wants one so bad, haha. I’m always like “Mom, you’re almost 50, just go get one if you really want it!” but something always holds her back! Maybe one day she will ;-)

    If nothing was holding me back I would quit school right now and start working at a bakery. That’s what I’d LOVE to do!

  26. Ahhhh cleaning fairies would be the best things ever! I could use them like right now!

  27. I’m a bad influence. Get a tattoo. I have 3 and I love them. :)

  28. If I had all of the time in the world, I’m still not sure my laundry would ever get done. haha.

    I’ve missed reading your posts these past few weeks! Your last “would”? Ya, I could go for that one too sometimes :)

    For the past two years I’ve always said that if nohing were stopping me (mainly $$$) then I would hire my own private doctor to fix me all up. Lol.

  29. I’ve heard this statement before but you seriously just laid it out there and I LOVE IT. If nothing were stopping me I’d go to Australia for a month. If nothing were stopping me, I’d move to Cali and create the perfect little home.

  30. I’m so happy you felt touched by this idea :) after reading your post today I’m so excited for the new adventure you’re about to have! maybe with all those free weekends you can finally get that tattoo? haha or maybe just do some laundry.

  31. If I had nothing stopping me, I would travel the world. I want to see and photograph everything. I can relate to the running part, when I ran track in high school I never let my family come watch me. In part it was because I SUCKED SO BAD and I was embarrassed to have my family come only to watch me fail… so sad. Anyways, all the best and hope you get your tattoo :) After 10 years, I finally mustered the courage to get pink in my hair again. It was so liberating! I love it and have been so happy to showcase this part of my quirky self :) <3

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