Trade em up: Moo.

Because woof is the only noise I keep hearing myself say….

Can’t even try to put together some sort of coherent beginning. Hello. Welcome to the next day that is almost as rough as Monday that brings you one day closer to hump day but really just means you are not halfway through the week. What else would you call a Tuesday?


I would trade… flashbacks to last year. If you read my blog last year, you knew my work days were 10-13 hour days almost every day with a couple of double shifts between my real job and the running store job. Because March is a crazy month, I have picked up Monday nights from 6-8 pm shift. That means I leave my apartment at 7 am and don’t get back till 8:30 pm. Yuck. Longest Mondays ever. What a way to kick off the week. Really winning at this one.

I would NOT trade… these warmer mornings. I mean all together this warmer weather is like a treat. A big freaking treat. Ironic that this time last week we had a snow day while today it is 60 degrees. Uh what?


I would NOT trade… instant mood boosters. I have a few. Reading is certainly one. Even more these days are listening to rap. Yep, that hardcore rap I am pretty embarrassed I am rocking to through my phone. Don’t even care.

I would NOT trade… making sure I play this week cool. I suck at the week before race freak outs. My go to’s are focusing on my trainings, getting in some nice runs, catching up on sleep and drinking lots of water. Just having those little promises I keep to myself makes me feel that much better.

I would trade… a few darker mornings. I understand we have to have these few weeks of darker mornings so that it can stay lighter later but I really can’t wait till we have the lighter mornings too. Come on spring.


I would NOT trade… tickets to see Divergent. Heck yes, pre bought those Divergent tickets to see with friends the night of the 20th. Boo. Freaking. Yeah.

I would NOT trade… the kick off of my work internship last week. So begins two crazy months that will certainly test my time management skills and most of all ability to handle tough criticism. Eek I am scared of this. But I like to challenges – or so I keep telling myself.

I would trade… decisions and changes. I can’t go into detail but man was I floored and now I have a massive decision ahead of me. Ugh. The worst.


Brain is pooped over here. I got nada. Back to the week.

Question: What would you trade this Tuesday? What wouldn’t you trade? 

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47 responses to “Trade em up: Moo.

  1. JIM BOEHEIM, YES! It gets me every time. Seriously, though, how can it only be Tuesday? It’s finally starting to warm up here, but these dark mornings make it tough to wake up and be excited to work out. Hang in there, friend–just keep thinking about the race and power through this week.

    • I know, and I walk to the bus in the dark which is even weirder. I miss my light mornings a lot. You would like this, I am in a major freak out mode because I can’t find wave rider 16s for this Saturday. I am calling companies like begging them to rush order them!

  2. I am with you, we need Spring to get here fast… And the weekend! Have a great Tuesday!

  3. The week before a race is always so nerve wracking. You have got this though friend and I know you are going to do great things. I cannot wait to see where your work internship goes too. You have so many exciting things that are going on in your life right now!

  4. I would trade my 2 o’clock class for just about anything.
    I wouldn’t trade finally figuring out my plans for after graduation !

  5. You’ll make the right decision, I know. I hate the dark mornings, now!! But, I do love seeing the sunrises that have been happening, and the lighter nights!! So nice to be able to go out after dinner and not feel it’s midnight lol

  6. Yesterday was gorgeous and today is supposed to be nice…but we’re supposed to be freezing tomorrow. Spring/Mother Nature is toying with me, I swear to god. Not fair.

  7. I couldn’t help but giggle when I read the title, haha. :D
    Dang girl.. you’ve been working some long hours! I know what you mean with the dark mornings, but I king of like the longer evenings.
    Ahh, you’re so lucky with the divergent tickets!

  8. I would trade the massive goggle outlined sunburn I have on my face from Sunday…I would also trade the hip flexor pain I am having. I have a race this weekend too and not feeling too strong. I do not envy your Monday’s though!

  9. While I would love some lighter mornings, I would not trade these lighter evenings! It makes me feel like I have some more time and energy in my days. Yay for nicer weather :)

  10. So mysterious there at the end today! Whatever the decision is, you’ll figure it out. :) I can’t wait for lighter mornings, too. The fact that it was still light at 7:15 yesterday was totally tripping me up though. More than any other year before.

  11. As a huge ‘Cuse Fan i thoroughly approve of the Jimmy B GIF image. I laughed that it was circulating less than 30 minutes after it happened too.

    I would trade my lower right leg for a new one, shin splints are for the birds.

    • haha I mean it was pretty hilarious, had to include it. Just shows so much emotion right there. Dang, still the shin splints? I am so lucky I haven’t had to deal with them. They do not sound fun

  12. Loving the weather and loathing the dark mornings again too haha. It makes it so much harder to get out of bed again when it’s still pitch black, but at least I won’t be running in the dark tonight! And I’m sad the snow is returning tomorrow night, but thankfully it’ll be done by Friday. I just want spring and warmer temps now

    • It really does, it just feels so much earlier. I have had those thoughts, did I set my clock right??? haha. Slowly learning it has to be the new norm for a while. I can’t believe we are getting snow, such a tease mother nature

  13. I would definitely trade this neck pain I have. I was doing squats and pulled my neck. No idea how!

  14. Ashley @MilesonOats

    I would trade this gnarly deep cut on my middle finger thats taking forever to heal. The scab is crusty looking so it’s driving me insane because I am basically OCD about hands being clean and looking nice haha. Eh, crusty sounds really nasty….but hey.

    I would not trade the support of family. I’ve been having a few rough nights emotionally with big life decisions and I am really grateful my aunt and uncle took a few hours of their night to talk to me and remind me how loved I really am. I woke up with the weigh of the world on my shoulders and went to bed feeling a hellavuh lot better.

    Side note: I died when I saw commercials pre-selling tickets, It’s like Spice Girls are coming back! haha, I wish they did that with Harry Potter and Twilight. I am going to cheat and see the movie before the books because I won’t have time to read the first book before it premiers. So spoilers!! ;)

    • I mean I have done that before, watched the movies before even reading the books. or never reading the books. sounds like you have some kick ass family. it is so awesome to hear they are supporting you with those decisions, man have I been leaning on them too lately.

  15. Ashley @MilesonOats

    No*** NO NO NO SPOILERS!! haha woops 8O

  16. Ahahahahaha “Moo.” Better be careful — I totally picked up woof from you, and if you keep on saying moo, the next thing you know I’m going to be saying moo.

    It was in the 50s yesterday in Chicago and I was sooooooooo happy. I ran outside in crops! Not shorts, of course, but better than running tights. Naturally we’re supposed to get 4-10 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow morning. But at least it was nice for a little while! Someday I will once again experience the awesomeness that is 60+ degrees like it was last Saturday…

    Hahahaha I love that you have tickets to Divergent already. Though I may not be a Divergent fan myself, I appreciate your dedication to your love of that story.

    Decisions, decisions. For what it’s worth, I’m a huge believer in fate/destiny/everything works the way it’s supposed to in the time it’s supposed to, which really helps give me peace when making decisions. I don’t know if that’s reassuring at all, but hopefully it’ll help you out a little bit <3 <3

    • Jesus you all are getting hit hard. shit that is a lot of snow. I can’t believe how crazy the weather is here, 70 degrees to almost 0 thursday. Hello??? Decisions just take that gut go with what feels right but I tend to do the dreaded but what if game. Terrible…

  17. I don’t like change either! I would trade having to go back to work tomorrow… I wouldn’t trade this 70 degree weather we have right now!

  18. According to Good Morning America DC is GORGEOUS today! Of course it won’t last but hey, enjoy it while it lasts! I would trade these ups and downs with the weather (i feel like a broken record) – I just want it to finally be spring. We took such a beating this winter I think we finally deserve spring!

  19. OMG I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. 13 miles is just too long.

  20. Can we all just vote YES to naps during the work days? I’ll even give up my lunch time. I’ll do it.

  21. I would trade one weeks pay for a solid week back in college. I know it’s lame and I should be over it….but the first sign of spring makes me long for sorority events, mixers, and afternoon beer on Main St. in Delaware. I wouldn’t trade tickets to Divergent either!!! I am totally dauntless and ready to fight!!!

  22. This daylight savings stuff has so wrecked my mojo! Although I love the darker evenings that much I can agree with.
    I would trade the bipolar attitude mother nature is having. 55 degrees Monday & then 20, windy & snow today… wtf!!?

    I would not trade having such awesome friends & family in my life.

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