Like me. Like hell. Like everybody else.

Monday things. No there way to describe it. Even though I had a pretty insane last week, I am hoping to power through this week full force. I’m lucky to have something on the horizon to keep my eyes on the prize.

Current bragging right… I have a four day week this week and next week. As a Christmas gift, our company gave everyone Friday and Monday off so they could do a long weekend with the Monday holiday. Boo freaking ya. I will be working at the running store Friday, Saturday and Sunday (womp womp) but at least I get Monday off. A full day off? It feels like a rare miracle these days. More than anything – I need those days to catch up majorly. Luckily most of my friends are going away for the whole four days so I will hopefully be able to get shit done. And I mean lots of shit.


Current tear jerker… Defending Jacob. Finally I finished this book (actually it only took me about 1.5 weeks) but boy did I enjoy it. I highly recommend it. Who would of thought I would be jumping head first into 2014 reading books. So proud. I think Sisterland may be next on my list.

Current woe… the to do list that I keep adding to each day. I am telling you, this long weekend is all about catch up. Cleaning, laundry, errands you name it. The list sadly keeps getting longer. And longer. And longer…


Current concentration… SLEEP. This week I am playing a game with myself… how early can I go to bed while still getting everything done I need. Pretty much it will be home, workout class, bed. Or as close to that as I can get. I need some major help in this department after a week of short sleep all last week and this weekend.

Current love… finally getting to talk to my mom after over one week of no talking. I am telling you , I have been swamped and that means our phone calls were just never happening. Gosh I love to hear her voice. And yes, I am 24 years old.

Current eye roll… when people just don’t get it. You understand? Like they keep harping on the same damn thing and then gasp, they are back to square one with where they started. Or when they keep trying to get your attention and gasp you could still not give a flying frick. Whoops.


Current jam… still digging this song to run to.


Current thrill… how amazing my runs have felt. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it is something in my diet or something in my training but whatever it is I DIG IT. Runs have felt effortless and I have been cutting my pace at my speed workouts significantly. Something is working. Something good.

Current spot… sitting in front of the tv watching the Golden Globe red carpet. Why yes I did fix my cable box all by myself. Suck it Comcast. I made them give me a free box because there was no way in hell I was paying for their mistake. I even self installed it. Sadly, what I missed the most the past two weeks was the news in the morning as I am getting ready. Nerd much?


Well I am going to continue on with my to do list and give this early bed time thing a shot. Because we all know 4:30 am will come too early.

Question: What is your current Monday? 

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40 responses to “Like me. Like hell. Like everybody else.

  1. I’m glad you geta day off. Even though it’s a week away you deserve it. Speaking of hunger games…have you seen this (or any of his you tube videos…) I was dying.

    I’m glad your runs have felt effortless too. That is the best feeling.

  2. Love it when your runs just start to click! I’ve got errands to do alllll day today so my Monday is not my favorite but they really need to get done or I’ll be stressed all week.

  3. Enjoy that day off my dear – you certainly deserve it!

  4. so nice you have a 4 day weekend! ugh comcast is awful! glad you could work it out yourself!

  5. i feel the same way about talks with my mom. it’s amazing how stressed and uptight i can be, and then i call her and we talk and it’s like a big sigh releases. also…YAY for days off and YAY for good runs! happy monday girl! :)

  6. Way to go fixing your cable box, girl! I tried that once, and it failed miserably, so someone still had to come fix it and they charged me for it. Awesome, I know. My current need is more sleep haha and probably more patience today. I have two sleep deprived boys on my hands today, and I sense an interesting morning ahead

  7. Currently playing catch up BIG TIME. A weekend away means that I didn’t get any errands done, and not getting any errands done means… well… that I need to do them now in addition to everything else that Monday brings. Totally not ready for this week. Need more coffee…

  8. wow, good job on the cable box! what did you think of the golden globes looks? and don’t apologize for the mom chat needs, i almost called mine this morning though i saw her yesterday afternoon! i will so need to read “defending jacob” eventually but i’ve got a huge library pile to work through right now. and SLEEP, i really do need it, i agree.

    • The golden globes were good, I mean everyone looked stunning. Even the pregnant ladies blew the socks off of everyone. I was not a fan though of American Hustle so pretty sad they won. I am glad Amy won though! Save the book for some down time you have, worth the read. Started sisterland this morning and thought of you!

      • let me know how you end up liking it, por favor! and aw bummer i adored “american hustle” but yes no matter what amy adams is a win. “enchanted” anyone?

  9. Oooh four day weekend! NICE. This is actually going to be my first full week in the office since the week before Christmas (though last week was a full work week…I just spend two of those days hating everything about my life at my kitchen table. Thank you, polar vortex…). I have lots and lots of work to do, though, so no complaints here.

    My sleep has been all sorts of awful the past two days, and I have no idea why :( I was SO exhausted when I woke up on Sunday, and last night I couldn’t stay asleep for the life of me. Boo hiss. Get it together, body! I want rest!

    • When sleep is like that I get so mad, like I feel so out of it today because I still can’t sleep through the night. like pre 4:30 am has become my waking hour. Who am I? Glad you are back into the groove, I bet you were just stir crazy at that point

  10. Guarantee I call my mom tonight just to hear her voice. It’s always a shock when I don’t get to see her all of a sudden every day, so I know I’m going to need that this week. This post made me sleepy not because it’s boring (it’s not, of course) but because you mention going to sleep early and that’s what I want to do tonight.

  11. Karey at Nutty About Health

    Congrats on the much more effortless runs, that’s amazing!!
    Working on the sleep goal is a great one – I need to work on it as well.

  12. Hahah hey, you’re never too old to want to talk to your mom. Enjoy your Monday off!

  13. I’m impressed with you fixing the cable box! I haven’t had cable in 3+ years… I only miss it during football season. :)

  14. whooo hoo to 4 day weekends! ugh 4:30am? You are dedicated and I love it! Keep it up=)

  15. Oh that damned to do list….mine keeps expanding- and never decreasing!

    You fixed your TV? That is awesome! Now that to do list is in danger. But then you have a free day! See how life plays out for you ;)

    • There should be a rule that to do lists can only go down and not up. Because I am pretty sure mine is expanding too as the day goes on. A free day may mean me and my couch have a great day together. After a later than normal run of course ;)

  16. You better take full advantage of your day off! And glad to hear your runs have been going well. Any bike updates? ;)

    • hahaa you will read my post tomorrow and be like Alex you idiot. I am the most indecisive person ever. On my to do list is finally buckle down and buy a trainer. I just need to say yes and forget about reviews. My day off will be a later than normal run then most of the day on the couch. Unless I want to shop… broke me and myself

  17. To do lists are never ending for me too! Gives me anxiety just thinking about it… and I don’t care how old we get – hearing your mother’s voice is always the best!

  18. Two four day weekends? In a row? Jealous!
    I’m with ya on the sleep. I need more. Too much going on lately!
    I’m happy to hear about your effortless runs! That’s fantastic news! :)

  19. Your current concentration needs to be my current concentration, yes? Yes. I should be heading to bed soon to keep that promise. :)

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