Supernova Girl.

Why is this song in my head? I can’t even give you an answer on that one. I think I have pretty odd music taste. Case and point. (Don’t worry I included even more worse ones below…)


I have been throwing all sorts of random posts this week, first the Rock N Roll Ambassador and then the Divergent book review. Such a curve ball in the new year. With that being said, it means I have a lot of pent up rambles in me. Could be my 4:30 am run- brain that just can’t shut off. Intrigued?

Comcast and I are in a fight. What is new? My tv hasn’t been working or should I say the cable box. It constantly turns on and off so I haven’t been able to watch tv for a week. After almost 5 failed attempts at fixing it with a representative – I got them to send me a new box. Let’s hope this fixes it. They make me  rage-y.

I understand yesterday was cold. I mean when I run inside on a treadmill you know it is cold but GUYS – people were freaking out. Places like Chicago and all those locations with negative 30 degree wind chill – you should freak out. DC though, and Virginia, and Maryland, let’s calm down. Stay inside. Cover up. You will live.


Blog discussions are a tough one.  I know I can basically talk about anything here but I will say, there are plenty of topics I feel .. well weird… talking about. Let’s put them in the girl-y category. I will say it stinks though. I want to come gush here and see the advice, because heck, you all give great advice and sometimes a girl just needs advice. When I get too in my head I get even more tangled. I will move on.


Totally digging the new book I am reading. Defending Jacob. Another page turner and one I have been reading up on the bus whenever I commute. Book kick is on the fritz here.

My whole Body Pump class schedule is now changing. They had to make Monday night an express night because our favorite teacher left. That means they skip arms. Uh –what? Why even go to a body pump class that skips arms? So now I will be going Saturday am, Sunday pm and Tuesday pm. Darn. I will miss that teacher a whole lot.

With no tv, I have been drowning my sorrows in the second season of American Horror Story. Man is that show twisted. The opening song still haunts me.

I need to remember to drink water in the winter. I find myself very dehydrated just because I totally forget about chugging the water. I tend to drink black coffee more – definitely not helping the dehydration thing. Ha.

I doubt I will talk about this much but I have been experimenting once again with fueling. I have been eating very little meat, instead choosing seafood, eggs and still no processed foods. I actually have felt great the past few weeks. Who would have guessed? Just shows you keep trying to find what works for your body.


I have been rocking a red dress lately. Love it. I have gotten a few compliments on it. Blushing over here.

I feel like I have finally entered the girl world. I am wearing eye makeup for the first time ever. I should probably head over to Amanda’s tips because she is apparently the queen bee of it all.


I got a call from a random number yesterday. Long story short, a Wash Post reporter went into the running store asking about running in this weather and wanted to get a quote from someone. My coworker gave her my name because they know I like to run in shorts, even in the cold weather. The quote she got from me is pretty funny because I legit call myself crazy. If you can’t laugh at yourself you are not living.

Enough rambles for today. I’m out.

Question: What is your hump day ramble??

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63 responses to “Supernova Girl.

  1. So you’re pretty much a celebrity now, huh? ;)

    When gyms change their schedules, especially after you’ve sorted yourself out with a new routine- damn that. That is crazy that they omit the arms from body pump though- I’ve done the class a couple of time and besides squats, it is all arms lol!

    Hump day ramble- I hate apartment hunting.

    • I mean… if you call being called the crazy girl then maybe. this schedule change made a ton of regulars quite mad. Like really freaking mad. I know no arms??? Like what is that. Oh gosh, I can feel you on apartment hunting. Changed places three times in the last year, never fun

  2. Ouch for 4.30am wake ups Alex! I have so much respect for you getting up and doing that. It’s pretty cold in the UK at the moment, we have awful flooding, rain and winds too. Not too fun! How exciting that you were interviewed for the Washington Post, I hope they printed a picture :)

  3. How cold does it have to get for you to not wear shorts? I wore them in 30 degree weather but only because it was a marathon, but it totally changed my perception of when I need to throw on pants haha. I usually run in shorts until 40 though and capris until about 10-15 unless it’s a long run and then I might still wear the shorts ;)

  4. Oh snap girl, you are famous!!!!!!

  5. Blog discussions can definitely be a tough one… But that’s what text chats are for! I NEED to know! Expect me to harass you now that we can -finally- text again. I may have been doing happy dances over that one.

    And makeup?!? Here I go doing happy dances again…

  6. Ha, YAY I know a famous person. I agree about blog discussions.

    I would prefer to wear spandex before wearing long pants. I don’t know, personally it has to be under 40 for me to not wear shorts. Moving on I also agree about the weather, yes it sucked major over in these parts but seriously it wasn’t like the mid west and people need to get over themselves.

    • It was a hilarious conversation, especially talking to someone who really knew nothing about running. I have to say it has to be under 20 to not wear shorts. I just find pants so much harder to run in. However – if it is colder, inside i go!

  7. Ugh, we had the -40 degree weather yesterday and I wouldn’t even entertain the notion of leaving the apartment. That is just unpleasant. And ohmygod, American Horror Story. I’m seriously obsessed with that show! Soooo good.

  8. I have only been wearing makeup for like two years, so I could definitely use the eye make up advice too! And oh my goodness I can’t watch American Horror Story! My husband watches it but I make him watch it by himself because I can’t!

  9. Dude, that’s awesome that you gave a quote to a reporter!! Super cool girl. And I don’t watch American Horror Story but I would freak out if my tv was out that long. I have WAY too many shows like I love!

  10. Aii more will come tomorrow, but for today…I can’t wait till I don’t have to wear four layers on top (including a sweater and a fleece) and two pairs of socks to work. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow…ahh the title for this one…loved zenon :)

  11. Its freaking annoying how many ppl complained about it being cold on social media or posted pics of the temps. Like really we get it its cold. Proud of you for wearing makeup and a red dress :) . That is awesome that you gave a quote about running in the cold, seeing that I think ur crazy and don’t know how you do it some days lol

  12. what is a Pump class? They seem to be popular amongst a few bloggers these days! Chicago weather has been horrible!! I don’t have a treadmill, so I am not getting any exercise in and that is driving me crazy! I feel like I’m going crazy in this apartment day after day!!

  13. Whenever I saw this title I thought you were going to be talking about song from Zenon (which is another classic). AHS is super twisted, but great. Well personally I think that the second season is not the best, but the third has redeemed the whole series. I encourage you to watch it asap. And ya! I think the opening is sooooo creepy. It’s always a bummer when a great teacher leaves a class. My fave bootcamp teacher graduated last year and this year the new teacher literally almost made me pass out. I never went back to her.

  14. If you ever need some girl chat, I am just an e-mail away! Although I’m not exactly an expert in any area, I definitely have a lot of time on my hands to listen and help! Feel free :)

    And I definitely felt SO much better running when I stopped eating meat which is why (2+ years later) I’m still only eating seafood. Part of me thought it was eating disorder related but I really did feel a difference when I ate just fish. Maybe it’s not in my head!

  15. I’ve never read the Divergent books series, but I’ve heard it is fantastic, so that will have to change. I live about 30 minutes away from Chicago, so it was certainly rather chilly here on Monday and Tuesday. Apparently, you could have gotten frostbite within 15 minutes if you went outside with exposed skin…Needless to say, I wasn’t about to find out if that was true. I have never watched American Horror Story either, but it sounds a bit twisted. Still, I have been reading Stephen King novels lately, so I guess I could probably handle the show. I think it’s great that you’ve been experimenting with different foods; the important thing is to do what feels best for your body, right? It drives me crazy when people try to push their own dietary preferences onto other people in a tactless and critical manner.

    • Stephen King is amazing, gosh. I think I just love that twisted type of stuff. Weird I know but it works for me. Gosh Chicago sounds brutal, I can’t imagine. I think you have to find what works for you and roll with it – I hate the preaching so I don’t do it because everyone is just so different.

  16. omg that song!! now that takes me back!! it really is so catchy tho!! haha.

  17. Alex,
    So, you’ve been bitten by the reading bug. I’m going to throw out the name of an author and two of his books for you : Haruki Murakami. “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle,” and “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.” You might be interested and you might not. Just saying….


  18. Girl, you and your Comcast woes. I’m starting to think they legit have it in for you. I mean, everyone has Comcast troubles every now and again, but they seem to be picking on you way more frequently than everyone else. Down with Comcast!!

    Yesterday when I went to dance, it was the first time that I left my apartment building in 48 hours. Today is the first day that I’ve actually been in the office since last Friday (and man oh MAN am I glad to be not working from home. 700 square feet divided by three girls, all of which had been told to stay home from work due to the weather, is a recipe for crazy cabin fever. And angst. Always angst.). Thank you for shouting out our insane temperatures, because they were just that. And, related to your dehydration issues, my apartment is SO. DRY. I never really struggle with dry skin, but my hands were all sorts of uncomfortable after spending 48 straight hours in my desert-like apartment. It doesn’t help that I’m terrible about remembering to drink water when I’m anywhere but work.

    Well, if you ever need to discuss girly things and do not feel comfortable blogging about them, you’re certainly welcome to take over the Bieber? thread. Hahaha. (Although, conversely, if you’re not comfortable talking about those things at all, you certainly don’t have to take over the Bieber? thread.) I told Cute Hip Hop Boy about the Bieber? e-mail last night (NOT THE DETAILS OF IT, OBVIOUSLY. Just the fact that it exists). He has an e-mail thread with one of his friends with the subject line F*** Chicago!!, which has, over the course of several months, devolved from its original purpose and is now just how they e-mail each other. aka Bieber?, but for boys instead of girls.

    • I LOVE THAT YOU TOLD HIM ABOUT OUR BIEBER SECRET. gosh best thing ever. yes comcast has it out for me. I am sure of it. I have to say, I wish I could drop them but I can’t. I am only allowed to use them in my building. on the flip side, I was thinking about you and wondering what was going on with weather and you and if you were allowed to leave. Wow I mean I wish I could have that but I Know I do not want that cold

  19. Don’t even worry about it the Freaky Friday soundtrack is pure gold

  20. Red dress, makeup, and things to gush about? I’m loving this. Next thing I know I’m gonna hear you were out in that red dress and makeup drinking a martini with a suave man and tearing it up on the dance floor. And I will be in the corner clapping. And drinking a Manhattan.
    But seriously if you ever want to gush or girl chat please Gchat me any time! I love it.
    Kaitlin recommended Defending Jacob to me and my mom loved it to! I need to get on that.

  21. Look at you–dress and makeup! You’re ahead of me. I’m so over my army uniform, slicked back bun & minimal makeup. But then when it comes to dressing up on weekends I have no where to go. Oh the dilemma.

  22. Boom Boom That Supernova Girl… And now I’m off to check if I was right in guessing the song! ;)

    I was reading another bloggers’ post and they were complaining of windchill in the 10 range. I kind of wanted to punch them in the face. Not really… Haha. But that would be a sight for my computer. Lol. But seriously, I think our windchill got down to -40. We had weather people tell us to not go outside because of the real risk of frostbite! Now, I know we didn’t have it that bad compared to some other places, but I was thinking the same thing as you- bundle up or stay inside! Don’t be a hero.

    You need to copy and paste that running comment when it’s published. Super cool.

    It’s funny but these past three weeks I have been a beast at drinking water. I suck when I’m at school, but we have this big pack of water bottles and I have just been chugging them. Not good for the environment I know, but I have to pick my battles as they come.

    Cool to hear about you experimenting with fueling again! Hope it’s working well for you :)

  23. I HATE when they do a shortened version of bodypump. I don’t know how your gym works but the more people who complain to the front/group fitness manager the more they are able to adjust the schedule.

    Just sayin’ ;)

  24. Welcome to team seafood! I do eat some chicken and turkey, but I’m all about salmon, tilapia, shrimp, you name it. :)

  25. Hahaha I love your comment on the weather- I’m mildly freaking out, but I’m from Chicago so I’m allowed ;). Although today was a balmy 14 degrees! (Why do I choose to live here?)

  26. We are def soul sister with the lack of makeup and girl clothes usually, but I have been really enjoying putting some effort into my looks lately too!! Loving dresses and just a splash of makeup!

  27. Love these and love that you’re rockin a red dress and eye make up, You go girl! Now we just need pics=) Defending Jacob, what’s it about??

  28. Comcast and I have been in a fight since the first minute I moved into my apartment, and I only have internet, no tv.

  29. How cool that you will probably be quoted in the Washington Post! That’s pretty awesome!

    Also, the first music video–brought back good memories! I miss the old Lindsay Lohan!

  30. Karey at Nutty About Health

    Do you like the second season of American Horror Story? I just can’t dig it. Bummer, because I LOVED season 1! So sad. I think I’m 4 or 5 episodes into season 2 & just can’t do it anymore. Maybe I’ll try season 3…
    Bodypump w/out arms?! Say what?! C’mon – a girls gotta have rockin’ arms! It’s the body part seen naked most often. Crazy.

    • YES I TOTALLY AGREE I can’t get into it as much as the first one or the third one. But sadly the third one I can’t watch because I don’t have those channels only reason I saw a few episodes was that I was home for break.

  31. Yesss, the Coven!!!! My bf has turned me into a TV monster. Ir=t’s bad, but when there’s Vanderpump Rules (not his choice) how can I say no. For shame.

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