Divergent: The big 3

Wow. I was blown away by this series. Making me feel the the absolute need to do a review. Never have I done a book review in my years of blogging. That should say something.


Pleasure reading has always been one of my goals since graduating. But I never could get into it. Each year I would say I will read a book a month, or read X book, or read X number of books. Never has that happened. Who knew I would be welcoming in 2014 with three books already knocked off in less than 2 weeks? I can’t give myself all the credit though. Major props to Veronica Roth and her fantastic Divergent series.

I have no intention of giving anything away. I actually don’t even want to go into too much details about the actual premise or big events within it. Because it wasn’t necessarily the story that got me sucked in, but rather the characters. I will give a basic overview of the plot though – just in case you need to catch on. This is a futuristic society you are welcomed into. It is separated by factions based on personality characteristics that each person is born with. Factions that are chosen on Choosing Day. The factions Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite uphold a particular virtue of humanity. The main character Beatrice or Tris is who you follow throughout. As she is placed into a faction, how she goes through initation and how she handles the collapsing of their factioned world.

Way to be vague right? I would rather leave the exploring of these books up to you. But back to why I couldn’t put them down. I found myself sucked into these characters, especially Tris and Four. The books were very much a dialogue where emotion was written but in such a way you felt it. Or at least you could relate to it in some way. Tris holds a lot of uncertainty. Both of herself and others. She has a strong sense of selflessness that almost comes across as whiney, selfish and stubborn. Four with the appearance and demeanor of agression, ends up with some of the softness qualities in his processing. It is like his obsessive nature is cracked. I also find the bond between these two to be… well.. jealousy provoking. Oh come on, I won’t go all sappy on you but who wouldn’t want this connection that they have. A connection that is continually described as a spark of light and a comfort through it all. Either way, I could relate to each character on more of a metaphorical basis. That is why I kept reading and kept wanting to read more.

I could preach all day. I could also spill my soul about the ending, but I will leave those details to you. Sure the ending is a bit controversial but I am happy it ended that way. Life isn’t perfect. Perfectly tied bows at the end of things don’t always happen. I think the ending is what made me respect this series even more.

I am fully aware it could be just be the kind of book I needed to read right now, like really needed to read. Just letting my thoughts and worries get lost in the pages. To get lost in other people’s lives almost like you are processing your own. But still.  I am telling you, read this series.

Question: Have you read this series? If not, WHY OH WHY? 


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50 responses to “Divergent: The big 3

  1. I saw a preview for Divergent during Catching Fire, and I was definitely intrigued. I’ve heard this series is similar to The Hunger Games in the sense you can “turn off your brain” and just read–which everyone needs to do once in a while. :) I go through reading phases. Sometimes (like now), I can’t stop reading when I find a handful of good books … but as soon as I get to a book that’s simply OK, then I tend to stop for a bit.

    • You need to read this series. I can’t wait to see the movie, probably the thing that really propelled me into picking up the books. I did it the opposite way with hunger games, I saw the movies then read the book but really enjoyed these. A lot.

  2. I completely, 100% agree with you Alex! I read the first two books a year and half ago and then had to wait until the third book came out this past Fall. The wait killed me and I reread the first two books twice in the year prior to the third book coming out. I ABSOLUTELY love the series and hope Veronica Roth writes another series or at least ONE more book (not necessarily related to the Divergent series) because her writing style is phenomenal. Also, if you haven’t seen, she did write a short story/explanation from Four’s perspective that’s less than 100 pages. It explains Four’s feelings and thoughts a little bit more in depth than what’s in the series. I can’t wait for the Divergent movie to come out and March!! I hope it’s how The Hunger Games movies have been in relation to how the books were written and sticks to the story closely/the author’s way of expressing emotions, and how descriptive she is! Glad you enjoyed this series! :)

    • I hope she does too. She is such a great writer. I just can’t get over how much of a page turner it was. Oh wow I didn’t see that, but I adore four more than ever so I need to check that out. Thank you! I am so seeing this movie stat when it comes out. it may even be my first midnight preview at this rate of my obsession

  3. I haven’t read them but they sound really good. If they have your approval then I’m going to need to check them out.

  4. I loved Divergent and Insurgent, but Allegiant? Oh gawl. It’s not even the way it ended, because I can understand that, but I just found the book itself was poorly written — almost like she rushed it. The plot was all over the place and full of holes, and Tris and Four’s relationship (which I was totally smitten with as well), just started getting annoying. Overall I did really love the series, though… I first read Divergent a couple of years ago and reread it again last fall because I liked it so much. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with the movie.

    • Ok, I would have to agree the last book was by far not my favorite because, yes it was rushed. I wouldn’t have minded a whole other book. I feel like she tried to answer everything in the this book, which she needed to answer but maybe not in one book. Their relationship though still got me, I blame my sappy self. I can’t wait to see this movie, I hope I can find someone here who is as obsessed.

  5. Hahahaha yes!! Ahh so so so glad you read and liked it!! I wasn’t sure about the ending of the third book when I read it, but then I went back and reread the whole series in order (in a weekend), and I agree with you. It’s a realistic ending especially for how the rest of the book was written, and I think i fell in love with the characters more the second time knowing what was coming. It’s definitely a series that made me think in this day and age and something I can reread again and still get something new, which i appreciate :)

    • Totally a reread book as well for me, which are very far between normally. I know the ending would have been amazing if Tris and Four were together but let’s be real, this made a whole lot more sense to who Tris was a person and how Four had to kind of grow up. Sad but true.

  6. I have the first book and I can’t wait to start reading! I have to admit, I was afraid to read this post because I didn’t want to know anything, so I skipped reading it today. But I will let you know what I think of the books when I finish!

  7. I did love the books…except for Allegiant. Like Amanda said, it wasn’t so much the ending but just how the book was written – I didn’t really like the differing perspectives thing and I thought the plot was poorly conceived. But Divergent and Insurgent were fantastic….now I just need to wait for the movie ;-)

    • see strangely I really liked the back and forth perspectives, reminded me of other books I have enjoyed in the past. But I think the real reason was because I loved hearing Four’s voice in that light. Made me like him even more. The movie will be the highlight of March.

  8. I have heard such good things about this series! You should also check out the author Gretchen Powell. She is from Fairfax and I have heard that her book is a big hit with people who liked this series! PLUS she is the Yelp Master for Arlington and has a blog! Way cool!

  9. I may have to check these out….i never have time for pleasure reading either, but hopefully this summer will be able to get some in.

  10. I have not read the series yet, but its on my list to read!

  11. i read through the first one in 2 days… but the second one is proving to be difficult for me. Im just not into it as much but slowly making headway :)

  12. Amen to “life isn’t perfect”. I am happy with how it ended too and I’m even happier you enjoyed reading them!

  13. Ashley @MilesonOats

    I am SO happy you posted this. I fell in love with The Hunger Games and Twilight, best trilogy’s ever! Since I work full time and go to ASU full time I am hesitant to start trilogy’s during the school year. I try to stick with 1 and done books on holioday breaks to make sure I can finish! Nothing worse than starting a book and not being able to finish over 5 months! haha. I think you’ve convinced me to at least download the first book and start.

    Why can’t trilogy’s be texts books? College would be so much better! haha ;)


    • let me know what you think, I mean it. I am all about series now but they do become a time suck because you just have to keep reading. I promise you, these will be those series. the ones you can’t put down until you are all the way done. If only text books were that way. haha

  14. Sweetheart–you are a girl after my own heart. I am reading the second book now and I 100% agree with you on how awesome they are. Glad you didn’t give too much info since I am only halfway through the series. Always love reading your blog. :-)

    • Love hearing that! They are two of my favorite people throughout. I wouldn’t want to give too much away because I know a ton of people are reading it, or I want them to read it. Ha! Keep enjoying them.

    :) <3 you!

    (But really. I will never jump on this train, and not just ain't no way I'm Dauntless haha. Good storytelling will never make up for poor, lazy, uninspired writing in this English major's eyes. I will fully own up to the fact that I am a complete writing snob, however, and more often than not in the case of popular fiction I find myself getting all over the author's case for being a poor writer…probably the same way a legitimate professional photographer would get on someone's case for being #instafamous, or a classically trained musician would get on a pop artist's case for their music. Except that, you know, I'm not actually a Pulitzer winner. Yet ;) )

  16. Thannnnnnk you for not blowing the end for me! I still have to read Allegiant and I probably won’t get to it until later in the semester. Esp. because I get to reread Divergent in my young adult lit class. I have to disagree with the comment above me, though… I am basically almost an English major and while Divergent is not a literary classic, it has its merits and is by no means a crappy piece of work. I think that people don’t give modern day teen fiction enough credit.

  17. I saw the previews for it during a few movies this winter, and I just couldn’t develop an interest in it, BUT, if the books are really that good, maybe I’ll give them a try!

  18. OK..I guessssss I will check these books out because EVERYONE is gushing about them!! I was way late to the Hunger Games train too, but it’s better late than never! :)

  19. Karey at Nutty About Health

    I have yet to read any of these, but have been hearing about them all over the place lately. I’m currently finishing up the Shade of Vampire series, but once I’m done i may have to start on these… thanks for the review!

  20. Read the first two quite awhile ago, and just finished the third recently. I love he series and cannot wait for the movie to come out. I just watched a few trailers and clips today actually!

    Of course after reading the series I wanted to know what faction I was in so I found a quiz online :) Divergent leaning towards Erudite… Ha.

  21. Loveee the Divergent series and honestly wasn’t disappointed by the ending. Agree, not everything in life is perfect and has a happy ending. I think Veronica Roth is an amazing writer and character developer.

  22. I was reading your tweets about this. I tried to start it and just couldn’t get into the first few pages. But now, I feel like I NEED to do it.

  23. How interesting! I loved the series, too, but really could not connect with the characters. For me, it was the story that grabbed me! It’s cool to hear two views on the same story.
    It always makes me happy to hear someone adoring the same books I do. :-)

  24. So glad you loved them!!! Amazing books, right?! They were impossible to put down…just be glad that you got to read them all together. Waiting for Allegiant to come out a few months ago was awful!

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