Rock N Roll USA: Go Time

I should confess. I have been keeping a little secret from all of you. And a good one at that. I was contacted by the lovely people at Rock N Roll USA to be a digital ambassador sometime back. Hello? Dream come true. I should note also – that I was not given a free bib for this but I still fully encourage anyone who can to run this awesome race. I will be, for the fifth year in a row. Can you see I kind of dig this race?

Need more incentive? Take $10 using ALEXRUNSUSA at checkout.

Even cooler I will be spotlighted  on their website so wanted to share the blurb that will be appearing on their page. Enjoy – oh and go sign up.



Hi! I am Alex – New England raised now living in Washington DC.

Running is more than just part of me now. Funny to think that I started running because I had to. What started with training for soccer season, I soon found a new-found love in distance running quickly trading in my soccer cleats for distance spikes come my junior year in High School. Add in a high school coach that put this running fever in me and you had a new dedication to something I had not felt before. By the time I hit college, running had become my thing. I had officially found a new passion for the half marathon distance and running in general.

Both my parents were runners. We still have a steadfast family tradition of running the Falmouth Road Race – trading in younger generations as the older generations fall out. Collectively, someone in our family has run the race for the past 20 years. The running bug was in me, but I just had to find why I loved the sport.

I can’t describe the feeling of lacing up your shoes and just getting out there. It has been the most consistent thing in my life that has held the seams together. Running doesn’t have to be about beating others or being on top. Instead, you find strength in yourself that only you can dig deeper into. People know me as the girl that runs around town, in all weather, in crazy morning hours. No fancy watch, no fancy gear just me and my cotton t-shirt. I run because I love it, not because I feel like I have to.

Besides Falmouth, the Rock N Roll USA race has been the most consistent half marathon I have done. That says a lot with the fact that I have run over three dozen half marathons since I started doing them my senior year in college more regularly. I keep coming back to this race. Maybe it is the motivating environment that you just can’t beat. Maybe it is the bands lining the street. Maybe it is the person that hands out gummy bears as you swear to yourself running up Calvert Street. Whatever it is, I am hooked.

2014 is all about my running. And Rock N Roll USA fits nicely into that. As one of my favorite runners Prefontaine would say “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”.


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39 responses to “Rock N Roll USA: Go Time

  1. oooh congrats!! what a great blurb- I am the worst at writing things like that, but you did an awesome job!

  2. Wow I am so pumped for you! That is seriously so exciting and I love the blurb!

  3. I LOVE THAT SHIRT, I wear it all the time and think it is so clever “see other distances” mwahhaha.

    And congrats dude that is fricken awesome!

  4. congrats!! that is so exciting. even the coupon code is cool haha.

  5. Wow Alex how cool is that?! A race ambassador?! Way too awesome and very well deserved :)

  6. Congrats! This is awesome :) I’m a huge fan of the race and will be running it as well for the 3rd time! Just kicked off training this morning and I’m pumped. Gotta start running hills again so I can make it up Calvert Street!

  7. Woohoo!!! Awesome hun!!! Couldn’t think of a better person for the job :) You all talked me into that one last year (hard sell that I was), and I thoroughly enjoyed it for my first half marathon :)

  8. Congrats, lady! If anyone could talk me into running a race, it’d be you. Maaaaaaybe one day.

  9. Congrats lady, that’s awesome! And I loved reading the little blurb about you.

  10. Congratulations :) This is awesome!!

  11. Im soo freaking pumped for you!! This is all you have wanted! Congrats!!

  12. So freaking awesome! Congratulations. You deserve this. Perfect fit :)

  13. Congrats, Alex! This is awesome and right up your alley!!

  14. Karey at Nutty About Health

    Love this Alex!! Congrats on being selected as as digital ambassador! Love the write-up!! :)

  15. congrats! that’s so awesome!

  16. I KNOW HER! I KNOW HER! I KNOW SOMEONE FAMOUS! Serious, this is awesome, and you totally deserve it.

  17. Stoppppppppppp. Why are you so cool?? I’ll have to start bragging about you to all my friends.

    p.s. Tomorrow. Tickets are being purchased. ;alskdfjasldfkjsdflksjdfs Nothing gets me more jazzed than the prospect of a vacation right now. I have not left my apartment building once in the past 28 hours. The absolute earliest I will be leaving it is not for another 19.5 hours. This weather, man. Madness I say!

  18. Umm…THIS IS SO COOL!

  19. I’ve always wanted to visit DC, might as well run a race there. Good luck!

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