It’s the Mojo: Take 2

I have to say, I love how wordpress keeps me up to date on my blogging. Their new end of the year stats page is out of this world. Who would have guessed the fourth most popular way people find my blog is through this lovely lady? Even more interesting, my most read post was my recap of the Whole 30 challenge. Says a whole lot.

Let’s go back a year though. On January 13th, 2013 I had my most commented post – I have to say I still kind of dig it. It’s the Mojo. Take Two.



I’ve noticed that I have been on a blogging kick lately. Funny because life has been busier than ever yet at the same time posts keep on flowing. I was writing yesterday’s post and just couldn’t stop thinking, man this is exactly what I needed.


I tend to not follow a blogging schedule per say. I have no idea when I will have time to write a post nor do I know what I will be posting until I sit down in the moment. I like it that way. Things just come. Yes, it does create some random rambles but it works for me. Most of the time I write it, go back to it later for the finalized touches. Other times I do it in one swoop.




What still gets me is when I tell people in real life that I blog, they are baffled. Why? Why would you spend more time on the computer spewing your guts to strangers? What could you have possibly to say everyday? Blogging really does not make sense to most. People are still in shock I still do it daily since graduating from college. Lately though I have felt this internal backlash to blogging. I love it yet hate it. Pure black and white, so typical.


But like everything, when times get confusing it all about going back to the basics. Stomach ache… back to plain foods. Sore muscles… simple stretching nightly. Everyone starts their blog and maintains their blog for their own reasons. I thought it would be a good way to let people learn more about me by telling you why I blog.


I blog… to write. Would you have guessed I used to despise writing? I had no confidence in anything I produced. I would always make my  mom read it over and over, through drafts and drafts because I was sure it wasn’t good enough. Blogging has given me this writing mojo back. Back to when I used to create pages and pages of imaginary plays with my sister. Back to when I started a novel in fifth grade.




I DON’T blog… for grammar. I tend to not proofread my posts. I know sounds terrible, I should be better about it but I am not. Even in school, proofreading would send me in a hissy fit. I like things to be a bit rattled around here, a bit un-perfect if I can call it that. I bet many of you could call me out on all the grammatical errors I make on a daily basis.


I blog… for therapy. My past makes apparent I am quite familiar with all types of therapy. Since not seeing a therapist for almost two years, I still found I needed that outlet of thoughts. The thing I got most from a therapist but just flat out talking her ear off, getting all those thoughts out of  my mind and into the world. In treatment I began to write in journals daily. I filled almost two notebooks in the nine weeks I was there. It helped me to get the confusing rambles in my head out on paper.


I DON’T blog… to put on a face. I am real here. I may say things people don’t like or don’t agree with and I am ok with that. Heck, I would rather people call me out on it too. Criticism is the fondest form of flattery right? I spent way too long attempting to plaster a face on, to say ‘i’m good’ ‘life is great’. Here I don’t feel a need to do that. I can’t even remember I have had a day of butterflies and sunshine.


I blog… for accountability. Recovery is a process. Heck, life is a process. I knew a transition of graduating from college and living on my own for the first time would be rough. Blogging makes me be real, vulnerable and honest when I don’t have that hands on support all the time. I find myself being way more honest and way more real when I blog.


I DON’T blog… to be a guru. I have had my struggle with an ED, six terrible years of it. However, I am not saying I am this perfection of anything especially recovery. I did and still do what works for me. I may not have behaviors but that doesn’t mean those thoughts still don’t enter my mind. I have come a long way, a f-ing long way. But I don’t and will never have all the answers.


I blog… for sanity. I consider myself a pessimist at heart, sad but true. Yet, if you read my blogging I have this huge side of sarcasm and humor. It helps me, like more than you can believe, to include this dose of humor. Plus, if all that crazy stayed in my head I am pretty sure it would explode.


I DON’T blog… to let it consume me. I still am a bit touchy on this scale you could say. I am still working on finding that balance of blogging and living. But lately, I have been reminded that the world won’t end if I don’t comment back, answer a comment, read a blog or write a post. I need to remember that blogging is what I make it.



I blog… for relationships. If you had asked me when I started in May if I would actually make friends through my blog, I would have laughed in your face. I am such an introvert when it comes to meeting new people – so enter blogging. All of  a sudden I find these females that I could chat my day away with. I can honestly say DC would be lonely without my friends I have met through blogging, yes I would call them blends but I consider them way more than blogging friends.




I DON’T blog… to compare. I don’t and never will participate in WIAW. I find the whole thing a bit, let’s call it triggering. The amount of bloggers that undereat  and over exercise is troubling. However, I need to remember it is not my place to make that known. What I need to be better at is not just leaving a half ass comment because I feel the need to when really I just shouldn’t even be reading that post for sanity sake. Everyone is different. Again, back to the fundamentals – I live for me.


I tend to do this. Go from posts of humor to something a tad more serious. All in a day’s work. Have a great Thursday friends!


Question: Why did you start blogging? 

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35 responses to “It’s the Mojo: Take 2

  1. To write and get stuff out (i.e. therapy). Nothing makes me feel better than getting stuff out of my head either in a journal or in a post. Talking has always been hard for me, but writing comes much more naturally. It gives me time to think, which I like and need more often than not. I like the accountability aspect, too…makes me much more likely to do something or not do something if I post about it since more than one of you will call me out on it if I don’t follow through, which I like and need at times :)

    • I agree, for some reason I find it sometimes hard to break that barrier talking in person than through my blog. Like I just need to hear myself think. Writing it just helps me process it more than just letting it sit inside. Plus, I feel like all the feedback I get is so so necessary.

  2. I blog for the accountability and for the relationships. I started my blog because i moved to a new city and was lonely and friendless and desperate for some connection. i could have never dreamed how many relationships i’d form through blogging and how much support i get. i blog to know i’m not alone and not the only one struggling through my 20’s and figuring out my path and such. and i don’t blog for grammar. haha i’m a strict proofreader at work, but i love to blog just to get it out and not worry about everything being flaw free.

    • I honestly have to say I am floored at how much this blog has helped me feel more into DC. Just meeting new people through it, heck my best friend I met through my blog. Is that crazy or what? So true, it is nice to hear relationships and what others go through.

  3. Ashley @MilesonOats

    This was amazing, I love all of your reasons for blogging. I also find myself blogging for therapy, relationships and sanity.

    Sometimes a random venting session to like minded bloggers/readers is the best form of therapy. That way you don’t talk some peoples ears off and you can get unbiased feedback from others :) Shoot, I think I am trying to make myself feel better for my full blown rant today haha.


    • I love that! Ashley you could not be more right. I think sometimes we just need to hear ourselves talk (or write in this case). I feel like my head is more clear after it. Just more grounded. Hey, rant away. I know I do it enough here.

  4. I definitely love blogging for the relationships. I know that if I’m traveling where some of you guys live I wanna meet up, ha I totally take our friendships to be genuine, I mean most of us read each others blogs, everyday! that’s dedication lol

  5. Nice throwback for this dreary and freezing Friday (at least in NYC). Has it been one year already? I remember reading this post last year and completely agreeing with your take on making friends through blogging–especially since so many of us are about the same age and going through similar things.

    • I know, I couldn’t believe it was a full year ago I wrote this. Crazy how time flies. I think blogging can mean different things for different people. Some more of a hobby than a lifestyle (certainly on the hobby side for us…) but still we find this connection to it that is hard to break.

  6. I -started- blogging to keep myself busy and sane while I was in the beginning stages of my recovery, but I kept blogging because of the friendships I made. I never would have imagined that a simple blog would connect me with so many amazing people, but there you go. It’s gotten to the point where I’m honestly closer to some of my blogging friends than I am to people I know in “real life.”

    • I still can’t believe I have kept at it for so long, that is what still blows me away. I think when I started blogging I wanted to feel connected to someone or something. I certainly found that and more.

  7. True life: according to WordPress, you were my top commenter in 2013. Gold star to you!

  8. I feel like my blog writing is about half planned/scheduled posts and half random rambles. Hey, it’s all about balance, right? I definitely blog for sanity and therapy too, but I never could have imagined all the amazing people and opportunities that come along with it.

    • I agree, but that is why I read a blog. I like that people can switch it up and not just blindly commit to the same thing over and over. I wish I could meet more bloggers in person, best goal out there.

  9. I started blogging so that I could write in a way that I could express myself, it became a total outlet for me in a time that I really needed that. Now, it’s a fun way to check in every once in a while and catch up with the awesome people I have encountered through it. Your blog is amazing. So glad you have it.

  10. This is such a great post Alex. I can agree about not blogging to consume you. As we both know there are some bloggers that may ceast to exist outside of the internet. It’s important to find that balance and not overshare every single minute detail.

    I blog because it allows me to reflect and write about things I might not normally think so indepth about. It allows me to sit back and look at my training objectively.

    • I think it is funny to think back about when I started blogging. I had no idea I would still be doing it or how much I would get from it. For real. Just crazy to think about. I relate more to bloggers who don’t make this their life, as you may already know.

  11. I seriously cannot imagine my life without blogging right now. I don’t blog all that much these days, but I LOVE IT nonetheless. It’s my “me” time!

  12. I started blogging because I love food. My mom suggested I start a food blog to share the stuff I was creating. Definitely not a proof-reader either… it takes too much time! LOL!

  13. Great reasons to blog! I love my blog, even though it can be a source of stress if I let it consume me too much & put too much pressure on myself. I love to write too, so it’s a great outlet. :)

  14. Kailey (Caffeinated Runner)

    I sure as heck don’t blog for grammar. I have the WORST grammar in the world – I fully admit it :)
    I just love how real you are – no fluff 24/7

  15. Great reasons!! Same as me! But sadly I don’t have blends like you!! haha hopefully one day! if I was more into my blogging ways!

  16. Totally agree with the whole guru thing. Know-it-all blogs are no fun… ;)

  17. FEMALES? Are you calling me a girl? Well make sure I’m a pretty one with blonde pigtails and a hooters top.

    You have great reasons why you blog- I definitely agree and relate to them. The greatest part of all of this has the friends I’ve made- the community has its faults but the majority of people here- amazing.

    Off to hunt down this whole30 post of yours- I just read it all starts with food!

    • I have that book as a next read. I had no idea it would be my most read post, especially since there was a lot of controversy around it. Not everyone believes in that sort of stuff but it totally changed the way I ate on an everyday basis. I think the community here is why I keep coming back over and over and over

  18. I definitely love the community and therapeutic elements to blogging. For now I’ll live vicariously through your blog, since we pretty much think the same anyway. haha.

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