TOT: No, Not Tater Tots

I am not sure how I feel about goals. Or resolutions. Or whichever other synonym you want to call them yet claiming they are all different. All the same. And all even harder to set.

I tend to stray away from them. They freak me out. Kind of like race goals. My best races are when I just run. You think that would be easy. Tell me that on race day when I mentality freak out.

Setting that aside though I did set some lofty intentions for myself this year. In my little black book. So no one can see. Does that still count? Instead, let’s stick to current. Because January 2nd is like that rude awakening back to reality. Let’s do a current.. Thinking Out Loud style.


Current Obsession… Divergent series. Who would have guessed that reading would be competing with blogging? Guys, I read Divergent in three days. Insane. I am eating up the second one as we speak. So. Freaking. Good.


Current Dislike… Winter skin. I seriously get the worst dry skin and wind burn come this time of year due to my running. It is insane how bad it gets. All the cream please.

Current Need… a doctor. I’m sick or anything but since being in DC I haven’t been able to find a doctor. Last year I just didn’t have time to even concentrate on it. This year every doctor I have called can’t currently take patients or doesn’t take my health insurance. Ok, great. I am actually going to go to an urgent care clinic to just see if they have suggestions. Gosh I hate grown up things.

Current Laugh… the fact that on New Year’s night we did a tequila shot with pickle juice as the chaser. DISGUSTING. No idea what was going through my mind but after that shot I stayed pretty low key on the drinking front. That did me in.


Current Want… more NuNaturals vanilla drops. I have run out of this and its been oh a good two months since my last squirt of it. Nothing can replace that stuff and I am just not digging coffee lately without it. You would think it would be easy enough to just order more? Cheapster at its finest. I keep telling myself I can learn to live without it. Ha.

Current Idea… to have people over at my apartment for a little get together. Call me lame but I have yet to host people at my apartment. Only about two people have seen it. That is pretty lame. I really want to have people over so I am hoping to plan something for all my running store coworkers as a sort of belated Christmas/New Year get together. I am also pretty stoked for our store Holiday party coming up – that will be a freaking blast. (Throwback from 2012 below..)


Current Guilty Pleasure… so I haven’t been able to partake in this lately but when I was home I re-discovered Degrassi – the newest season. Ah darn those kids and how they draw me back in every single time. I can’t even watch it in DC but I am desperate to see how the season goes on. I swear I’m 24. (I had to write that age about four times to get it correct)


I have a feeling this Thursday and Friday will be rouuuughhh. And I swear this book would be longer if I wasn’t reading…

Question: Give me your current something! 

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48 responses to “TOT: No, Not Tater Tots

  1. Haha pickle juice made me laugh! That is hilarious!

  2. I’m not a big fan of resolutions either — too much pressure. I much prefer to just make goals as I go along instead of lumping them all at the beginning of the year. And for the winter skin… have you tried using an essential oil? I’ve been mixing a few drops of either maracuja or argan oil into my moisturizer at night and it’s been helping TONNES.

    PS – hurry and finish Insurgent so you can start and finish Allegiant — need to know what you think.

    • I may have to take you up on the essential oil because I am desperate. It gets so bad this time of year. I wish I didn’t have to work so I could read all freaking day. I mean I finished book two in ONE DAY. I can’t put it down.

  3. *Sigh* adult things. I still haven’t found a doctor, dentist, etc. And like you, only a handful of people have seen my apartment. I never signed up for this growing up stuff.

  4. Maybe some bloggers will gave a contest to give away more nunaturals.

    I don’t like resolutions per say but I do like to have goals for the New Year. I know what I want to do and how to accomplish (hopefully) them.

  5. I got Divergent for Christmas and I can’t wait to read it! I got several books so I have a lot I need to read!

  6. Ok, the pickle juice thing sounds pretty gross. Do not think that I could handle that, like at all.
    And I’m with Amanda on the essential oils – I’ve been using argan oil and it’s been a big help.

  7. ahh divergent is so good! i hate the last book [allegiant] because of the ending haha. and i hear you on adult things- all my doctors are home in PA so when i was home for christmas i was cramming in all the appointments. i feel like it took me so long to find doctors i like that i don’t want to start over here in MD.

  8. Ahh tequila yes! Pickle juice chaser however? You are braver than I haha. Would have passed on a chaser for sure with that one ;) My current need: a small towel for spin class. Went to my first one this morning and was drenched within 15 minutes. The last 30 were gross. I’m glad that you’re enjoying divergent…I’ll be curious to see what you think of the last :)

    • I should have just passed. Lesson learned. That is really cool you have started getting into spin, proud of you for trying something new. Those classes sadly are not my favorite. I am digging this series, can’t stop reading.

      • I don’t know if spin will be my thing either honestly but it will be a way to push a little bit at the gym without seriously injuring myself for the time being (i hope haha)

  9. I love that you’re reading AND LOVING divergent :) Can’t wait to hear what you think.

    Also, I bet we could be winter skin twins. HATE it.

  10. blah shots with pickle juice aka pickle backs gross me out and I love pickles! I have heard wonderful things about the divergent series, I need to get on this!

  11. divergent is SO good. i’m not digging insurgent as much but should finish it up this weekend.

    i am currently trudging through work. i’d rather be in bed under my heated blanket. sleepy for dayzzz.

  12. Love Divergent.. so glad you’re reading the series (each book is really hard to put down)! Hate pickle juice and I can’t believe you drank it.. as a chaser or not haha. And OMG Degrassi. I was obsessed with that show. I don’t think I get the channel that it’s on though. (Aka I’m hoping I don’t because otherwise I’m going to get sucked in again.. thanks for the reminder.)

  13. haha I am sorry but PICKLE JUICE?! What?! I did a tequila shot on NYE and that in itself was a terrible idea, I cannot imagine chasing with pickle juice. That last gif was how I felt yesterday. All day. PS finding a good doctor is a pain in the butt, seriously. I don’t like my current doc at all and if I’m gonna live in the ‘burgh for a few more years I gotta find a good one.

  14. UGH. Now we can’t be friends :( I haaaaaaate Divergent. Thought it was absolutely terrible. You have no idea how much schadenfreude I get from people’s reactions over Allegiant, and I’m not-at-all-secretly hoping the movie will TANK so I can have even more schadenfreude. I’m a terrible person. But Veronica Roth is a terrible writer. Sorry not sorry.

    Annnyway. I love having people over! Except for the manic cleaning that always has to happen before I have company, since my approach to apartment cleanliness tends to be, “Mehhh…it’ll be fine,” until it is definitely NOT fine, by which point things are so far gone it takes 203948234 times longer to clean than it would have if I just stayed on top of things in the first place. LIFE. Why are you so hard? But yeah, it’s a lot of fun to play hostess, AND you don’t have to travel to do it! Win win!

    • Um what??? how could you have hated this series? to start, I want to marry Tobias. Like I love that guy. And Tric just holds a special place in my heart too, like I would be friends with her. I honestly didn’t think I would like it this much at all. Before you come I need to deep clean. Like really deep clean. I tend to always keep my place organized but the whole actually cleaning thing is my hatred.

  15. WINTER SKIN IS THE WORST. I’ve been slathering my face and neck in moisturizer since September hoping to keep it from drying out, and it worked until last week. Now it’s all red, dry, and itchy. It’s unavoidable!

  16. DIVERGENT. Love that series! I finished Allegiant in like, two days last week. I can’t believe I waited so long to pick that one up… I finished the other such a long time ago! Obviously you’ve heard that everyone hates the ending, but still, it’s phenomenal. (Oh, and I just saw your comment above. You can’t have Four. He is mine.)

    As for needing a doctor, have you seen the app they have for that? $40 for an appointment, they diagnosis you, and you can get a prescription sent to the nearest pharmacy. How about you be a guinea pig, test it out, and let me know how it goes ;) Haha.

    I have started using my orange and cherry nunaturals drops because my vanilla is running low. They’re just not the same :(

    Current Obsession… The third book in another series that I’m reading… Wait while I go look it up. Lol. “Reached.” Similar to Divergent in that it’s dystopian, just not quite as good and a little more lovey-dovey :P

    • I started the third book today, I have a feeling I won’t be able to put it down. Gosh it totally makes my bedtime so much later because of it. But I keep hearing the ending is bad… I said earlier I think this may be the first time I do a book review. I am that obsessed. Oh ya, those flavors are not the same at all

  17. I feel ya on winter skin and grown up stuff. I hate dealing with car insurance things, finding new dentists, etc. etc.! I guess I don’t want to grow up ;)

    I will have to check out the Divergent series!

  18. Oh my gosh all three of the Divergent books are SO good. SO GOOD. Glad you’re reading them!!

  19. I love playing host! :) I can’t wait to get a new place just for that. Haha.

    I can’t wait to read the Divergent series. My friend is giving me his copy so I don’t have to go out and buy it.

    I didn’t know Degrassi was still on. I watched a few episodes but never much more! :/

  20. Loved loved loved Divergent. I cannot wait for the movie!
    I made goals for myself instead of resolutions, and I made them realistic too. In the past I’ve made crazy resolutions, like workout for 365 days in a row and it takes me all of one day to fail at that one.

  21. I used to watch Degrassi all. the. time. haha and I’m loving divergent too, I stayed up way too late last night reading. Now I NEED to find the second book ha

  22. ….Degrassi fan? You have newfound respect. I still remember the episode when Manny became a huge slut. Can I say Slut on here? Sorry but I said it. Twice.

    I almost purposely bought a kindle to FORCE myself to read non blogs…You reckon Divergent is a worthy read eh? Might have to jump onto that.

    • haha LOVE that you are a Degrassi fan as well. Slut is perfectly fine around here, specially because Manny was a slut. ouch??
      Also please read these series. They are super cheap on kindle, much cheaper than other books. I think you will like them. Expect a review next week because I am almost done with all three books. (in a five day span)

  23. I also power-read the Divergent series!! The third book wasn’t out yet when I started reading them though, so I did have to wait a while. I like the first two much better than the third!
    Also, I feel ya on the winter skin thing. My skin doesn’t seem dry all-over, but I have two REALLY dry,cracked spots on my right pinky and pointer fingers. The worst.

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