Insert Earphones Here.

Well I could go all old school and say Happy New Year. But you will get plenty of that. At least we all get the day off work right? I know a morning run after a later than normal wake up will be the best way to ring in the new year. Last night was a blast and exactly what I needed.

Yesterday’s post was such a needed release. It may have sounded all negative but I see it as a hug progress point. Heck – writing it made me feel on top of the world. Worse is ignoring it and claiming everything is golden. Lying to yourself and others does nothing.

Today I am fully aware you will be bulldozed by top this, detox that, goal this, resolution that. So take this as your five minute break from all of it. I had high hopes of doing all of my top favorite jams of 2013. Well, I couldn’t even number them or narrow them down. (You know Macklemore & Ryan’s whole album would be all up in that) Instead, some of my favorite 2013 jams. And because you all have the day off, plug in those earphones to listen.

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ( I still do know every word to this song)


Counting Stars – OneRepublic (god I could listen to this all day every day – especially when I run) 


Radioactive – Imagine Dragons


All things Pentatonix – hard to pick just one!


Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood


Holy Grail – JZ featuring Justin Timberlake




Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj (guilty pleasure all the way)


Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men


Acapella – Karmin


My Songs Know what you did in the Dark (Light em Up) – Fall Out Boy (however – now that is a body pump song I cringe when I hear it, ha!)


Chloe – Emblem3 (I can’t tell if I like this song just because the boys are adorable or if I really like the song, what a dilemma) 


Home – Phillip Phillips (brings a wave of homesickness every time) 


Hey Brother – Avicii


HeadBand – B.O.B. featuring 2 Chainz (because I need my hardcore rap, I didn’t include a lot of these just because.. well the swearing is out of control and the videos are worse. whoops. still make great running songs)


I can’t emphasize enough this is NOT a full list, not even close. I know after I post this I will think of a bajillion more songs I could have included. Typical.

Question: What was a jam you enjoyed this year? 

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19 responses to “Insert Earphones Here.

  1. I have basically been singing dark horse by Katy Perry for the last week or so. I’m not even embarrassed. For some reason I cannot stop laughing watching Nicki and Beiber in that music video.

    • YES them in that video is what makes it that much better. I can’t help but laugh because it is so uncomfortable. Sorry to say, I really just am not a big fan of Katy Perry’s music. But hey, I know everyone doesn’t like Macklemore. haha

  2. Such a solid list! I need to download OneRepublic’s new album ASAP. I mean, I’ve been listening to “Counting Stars” nonstop so … and as soon as I can get moving, I’ll be heading out for a run too. :)

    • Counting Stars is my running go to. I can’t even explain how much of a high I get when I run and that song comes on. It was a later run morning for me but just what I needed to ring in the new year.

  3. We have the exact same taste in music. And I have to go with Hollie on this one — Dark Horse is on repeat these days. That and 400 Lux by Lorde!

    • Oh gosh Lorde!! I can’t believe I forgot her! I adore her songs lately. We do have very similar tastes. Ps. every time I read your instagram and twitter I get the itch to buy a bike trainer….

      • Haha you need to get one! It’s a lot more fun than I expected. I wanted one for when it was too dark/rainy to ride outside, but I use it even when I can ride outside. It’s perfect for watching movies :D

  4. Yes to ALL! I’m convinced we would make the best road trip buddies — we’d never fight over what to play on the radio :D

    And I know it’s cliche… but Happy New Year, lady. I love you tonnes <3

  5. Love all of these!! Oh music, it really gets me through anything lol

  6. Definitely some good choices! I’m with you on the Pentatonix obsession…so good. Happy New Year lady!! <3

  7. Karey at Nutty About Health

    I love that Radioactive song from Imagine Dragons… been loving on that one lately too. The Pentatonix thing is interesting… not quite sure what to think about that one. I think I like it… ;) Oh, & gotta love some 2Chainz!

  8. This is currently the soundtrack for all of my catch-up blog reading. Perfect.

  9. Someday we will have a dance party, and it will be glorious. My 2013 wouldn’t have been the same without Lorde. Love herrr.

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