Trade em Up Tuesday: Chug Chugga Chug

Gosh my titles just keeping getting worse and worse. Work with me people, one day those creative juices will be coming at you but right now, as the title says, I am chugging along. (I won’t lie every time I wrote title I kept having to correct myself from writing titties, why oh why Alex)

Monday was a Monday. Can I trade for today to be the weekend? Oh, so it is going to be this kind of week isn’t it…

I would trade… the painfully slow workday. Holidays are a hit or miss for the running store. They refuse to have us do modified hours or *gasp* have the day off so instead we open for the full day. Man was it a brutal day. We had maybe four customers the whole seven hours I was there. However, it did create some bonding time for me and another coworker who I find freaking hilarious.


I wouldn’t trade… my coworker making yesterday at work fly by. Sure I woke up early to run while the world was still asleep. Sure I had to go to work while the streets were dead. Sure we had almost next to none customers. But still, this kid just made me laugh. We may or may not have bonded over the Price is Right or watch Harlem Shake videos…

I would trade…snap chat fails. I suck at snap chat. I really wish I could do them more often. I mean my sister sends me over four a day but I get so self conscious with self shots. Selfies are not my thing. Failure as a blogger right here. One day you may get a full shot of me that I took. One day.


I would not trade… cereal marshmallows. Guys, I found these for $1. Yes $1. My life is so freaking complete. Sorry to all you I hate sugar people but more for me. I am not ashamed of this obsession.


I would trade… a stressful week of meetings at work. When you are at work, doing what you do, just send some good vibes this way. I struggle to stand up for my needs so when intimidating people need ‘to talk’, I crack like egg on concrete. Just keep breathing.


I would not trade… my parents thinking of me. It is always nice to hear my mom say they are thinking of me, even if it is because they ate some funky food that they thought I would like or my dog is having tummy troubles. You see? My family loves me in some twisted way.

I would trade… my work schedule. Quality of life is a big thing. I work till almost 830 pm four days a week, the normal hours that a happy hour or get together would take place. All of which I miss. My friend is in town on Thursday but of course I am out at school in SE till 830 pm so we can’t get together. I need to remember this when I have my meetings.


I would not trade… an instant mood buster. Whether it is a group text rant or an email, they pull my head out of my ass and realize how good I have it. Instant smile.


I would trade… laundry. Gosh darn laundry. I swear I could house a family of sock elves with all the socks I have to wash each time I do it. If someone saw my load they would think I just wear socks. That is the one piece of clothing I always switch for runs so therefore I have usually over 20 pairs when I do a load. I’m a gross human, I know. Don’t tell my mom. But I did wash my snotty running gloves so there.


I would not trade… Best Body Bootcamp flexibility. I am starting phase 4 today rather than yesterday. I just decided to sleep an extra 15 minutes, conquer a 10 mile run and save another 9.5 miles with workout A for today. I love that you can just switch things around like that. I wonder what creepy people will be in the gym today.

I would trade… my lack of movie watching. I am dying to see the Perks of Being a Wallflower (favorite book) and Argo yet I can’t find a free night to get these on Redbox. One free night is all I ask for.


I would not trade.. throwback time. Because I had to.

I feel a little bit more prepared for Tuesday. Ask me this a few hours and that may change… But at least my beloved Pentatonix jumped on the Harlem Shake wagon

Questions: What would you trade this Tuesday? What wouldn’t you trade? 

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89 responses to “Trade em Up Tuesday: Chug Chugga Chug

  1. Ahh sorry about your work schedule girl, that is no fun at all! Luckily you are awesome and able to think of a ton of things that make up for it, namely that adorable puppy picture and family love. :-)

  2. Love this title! When I saw it on my reader, I knew your post would make my day! So I wouldn’t trade my blog reading mornings to the time at the gym! Ok, ok, I’ll go. Now.
    Thank you, Alex!

  3. You, my friend, are the Little Engine That Could. Let the “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” be your mantra to keep carrying you up those hills (in running and in life). Look at you — your friend making, your realization that you want more, your taking extra time to sleep, your meeting tackles. You can, and you will. I know it, and you know it.
    But girl. Save me some cereal marshmallows? I’ll be there in three weeks. And you and I both know that the older cereal marshmallows get, the tastier they are. Don’t even think of denying it. It’s one of the biggest truths of life. Three things are certain in life — death, taxes, and the older-make-them-yummier theory behind cereal marshmallows.

    • I will take you to get them. for real, it is right down the street from me and you bet there will be some for you and me. SCORE ultimate score. I am glad I can share my sugar love with someone. makes me so much happier. hope your day is going well lady.

  4. ahhhhh i missed you so much! as usual not happy to be back in dc but happy at the prospect of maybe seeing you at some point in the near-ish future. keep right on chugging along and i like your titles just fine. i hate that you work late so often and have to miss stuff like happy hours and seeing friends in town. i wish you could for your sanity’s sake. and i also wish we could do bootcamp together.

  5. I’m so bad about washing my running gloves/hat/headband–maybe once every few weeks? And a few means three, but usually four. ;) Ugh, I’m so not ready for Tuesday either. C’mon, weekend!

  6. Hand in my pocket! Yes! Listening to that on my way to work today now. Doesn’t having a co-worker you really like make going to work so much better? That can make or break a job, at least for me. I hear ya on the snapchat thing. I feel like an awkward human being every time I try to take a picture for that thing. Good vibes being sent to you love.

  7. Those Harlem dance videos are awesome. I really hope you do one! :)

    Glad to hear you made it through work yesterday. Having only four people is insane. I hope you’re not one of those people that can fall asleep while standing… Because that’s totally me ;D Haha.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of Perks of Being a Wallflower. I guess I should read the book first, but I want to see that movie so bad. I love Logan Lerman and Emma Watson.

  8. Cereal marshmallows are genius. I need. And my laundry is pretty much entirely gym clothing. Apparently I don’t dress like an adult very often…haha

  9. I’m with you- I can throw back marshmallows like nobody’s business. I think I need to find those cereal marshmallows and bring them into my life. It sounds like you really made the most of your day yesterday and I’m glad that even though it was long, you managed to find a few laughs with it. Oh, and i totally laughed out loud about your commentary with the title of the post. I never fail to crack a smile.

  10. Laundry…I totally agree. And I have so many socks too! It’s crazy. I also just hate doing laundry soo..
    and that’s weird no one came to your running store on President’s Day! You’d think that with all of the time off of school people would be flocking to get new shoes.

  11. Ah you NEED to see perks of being a wallflower asap! oh and those cereal marshmellows- whaaaaat. I didn’t know they sold anything like that!

  12. Soo….I need those cereal marshmallows in my life. Like right now.
    I haven’t seen Perks of Being a Wallflower yet either, it’s definitely on my list though.

  13. Good luck getting through this work week! Your insane schedule always boggles my mind, I can’t imagine! I’ve also been craving a movie/Redbox night, there’s a bunch of flicks out there I wanna see. And Alanis! Yes! Love throwbacks.

  14. I would trade my work schedule as well and actually being able to spend some time at home. But I wouldn’t trade that it’s Tuesday, which means it’s almost Wednesday, which means it’s almost the weekend!

  15. Amazing with the cheap marshmallows Alex! I would trade working this weekend for more sleep and running. I wouldn’t trade that James is no longer busy this evening so we can spend it together!

  16. dying to see perks of being a wallflower as well! My parents watched it over the weekend and really liked it!

  17. Having people at work that you enjoy and get along with is so so important! You must watch Argo! It’s so good!

  18. Man, I love those coworkers that just make the work day better, they are saviours at the worst of times. I didn;t even know they sold cereal marshmallows on their own, that’s crazy! I have to say, I love marshmallows, but only in their puffy, campfire-roasted form.

  19. I love those marshmallows, that looks so neat! I’ve never seen them here though. I think it’s kinda weird you guys were so slow on President’s Day, a lot of people here were off work or school so you would think it would be more busy than a regular weekday? But at least you bonded with some coworkers.

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a great movie :).

  20. I wouldn’t trade a good laugh for anything. I feel like life and people are so serious sometimes. By the way, I love these. Like, I look forward to reading them.

  21. i would trade a potential snow storm we’re supposed to get on thursday evening for ANY OTHER EVENING!! we have our one and only field trip planned for friday and this may be our one and only snow day! ah go figure!

  22. You.found.cereal.marshmallows… !!!!!… The only thing I hate about that is the fact that I cannot find any around here. Do you know how much trouble that would have saved me as a little kid? And how much money it would have saved my parents? We would have definitely bought/thrown out less boxes of Lucky Charms. Gah! Jealous… big time.

    Hope that your Tuesday is going well. I would trade this dratted cold, gray weather for a bit of the sunshine and warmth that we had last week. Boo to winter.

    • We have rain here too, it wasn’t raining when I ran this morning but now it is pouring. Gross weather for sure. I know, this find almost made me squeal like a kid in the store. Ok, you caught me I did squeal.

  23. I love Jiggy. And cereal marshmallows! Yum.

  24. Oh snapchat! I send the most ridiculous ones. They get pretty ugly haha. Here’s a tip for you- send it for 3 seconds (that way it’s over super quick and not too much judgment) and draw on yourself. Best app ever!

  25. i would trade the work week…over my job lately….and I wouldn’t trade girl time with friends. Your workday sounds so long!! I don’t blame you for wanting to change that

  26. Harlem Shake is taking over the WORLD! I would totally trade the pink-eye I woke-up with this morning, I just got back from the Dr. with drops. I wouldn’t trade the chance I have to work from home with said pink-eye, yoga pants it is! Happy Tuesday girlie :)

  27. Harlem Shake!!! Freaking love it. I totally gave you a shout out today for your hard work, but I’m saying it again. You rock missy, I’m glad you have great coworkers to get you through the long days at the store. Have a good Tuesday, and go rock that workout with your creepy workout friends!

  28. I would totally trade the ulcer I’m developing as a result of Chicago Marathon registration stress for a little bit of assurance that I’ll be running the race this October. Holy smokes. Everything’s complicated for me because I *technically* have a free entry that’s been set aside for my use. However, that entry won’t be available until MAY. Do you know how far away May is from now? A dang long time. I don’t want to wait until May to know that I’m in the race…I want to know NOW. My plan was just to go ahead and register anyway and forget the whole free entry thing because whatever, I’ll pay $175 to run the race and just deal with it because I have my heart absolutely set on running Chicago this year–I don’t want to run any other marathon JUST CHICAGO–but the people in charge really kind of dropped the ball on the whole registration thing. The race has been selling out in less and less time each year for the past couple of years, so they were all “OMG 24 SELLOUT THIS YEAR GUYZZ. REGISTER RIGHT AT NOON!!” Which meant 45,000 people were trying to register at the exact same time, which obviously crashed the site because hello. 45,000 people. So right now I’m not registered, but I’m going to try again this afternoon and see what happens. I’m still more than happy to pay $175 for some assurance that I am for sure in the race, rather than waiting until May and finding out something somewhere along the line went wrong and my free entry didn’t work out.


    • Whoa I feel all anxious just reading that. hang in there, I mean a free entry is pretty sweet but i would feel totally stressed about that too. Eeeeeeek. Assurance can sure put your mind at ease. wow I am no help. Go Alex!

  29. You seriously find the best gifs and videos!!!

  30. Tuesday is halfway over which means we’re almost to Wednesday which means it’s a day closer to Friday which then means it’s the weekend… Just follow along with my rambles. I’m exhausted. And cranky mcphee over here. What I’d trade today: walking out of the hospital to sleet. What I wouldn’t trade today: my decision to ditch the gym in favor of my bed… I cannot wait to go home and lay like a zombie.

    P.S. Believe it or not I wasn’t a fan of the cereal marshmallows [but regular marshmallows, yes] so we can make deal – I get the cereal and you get the fluffy things…

    • I would do that, we can share a box. I am all for that. i even eat them with milk which makes them that much better. i say we have a date planned. Girl, can I have your bed? Why must i still be at work all night

  31. Hahaha I read that “Girl, can I lay in your bed?” :P

  32. I hear you on the laundry thing…least favorite chore by far. I would trade having to drive home in the snow/sleet. I wouldn’t trade a quiet house with two finally sleeping children!

  33. I hate hate hate laundry too! It sucks! Can’t their be a laundry fairy. I want to put marshmallows on my cereal…
    I would trade sickness for good health and I wouldn’t trade kiddo cuddles for anything!

  34. Perks is my favorite book too! And because it was all screen play and directed by Chbosky, the movie is very similar!!!

  35. Oh man I worked at a job once where it was dead ass slow at times, and it was fun with other people working, but most of the time I was alonneee!!!

  36. that sounds like my day today … so freaking slow. I had to play some games to keep awake. good thing you have some great people around you!

  37. I’m so weird.. I love doing laundry. Bring yours to me. :) I would trade my work this week… actually all my to-dos this week stink. boo… bring on next week.

  38. Haha I always think your titles are cute:) And laundry- hate it!

  39. love the title! i am the worst with laundry! its when i run out of workout clothes and reach for a ugly pair of shorts i realize its time to do laundry, this could be over 2 wks. sadddd. i hope your week goes smooth working alot is crazy, love when coworkers make it better and quicker though !

  40. I know that work schedule must be tough. But think of it this way…..1. you thrive off being busy, so it’s kind of a good thing in a way (like me over here, dying of boredom because I can only work 4 hours a day) and 2. you decided to do it to make more $$…so you could have free time if you wanted, but you’d also still be financially dependent on your parents. and 3. only a few more months and your contract will be up! and you might have a new job – I’m excited to hear how these interviews go :-) Hang in there girl and think of that weekend home you get next month, it’ll come sooner than you think!

    • You are very right, i do thrive off the busy and I have to say I am making the most of it. I have been able to save this year despite crazy low pay, two jobs and lots of expenses which really shows my determination for this. I am counting down for real!

  41. Haha, I love the random things that family and friends connect with you. The weirder, the better, if you ask me :) Cereal marshmallows? Yeah, I’d hang on to those too. And some Fruit Loops! Oh my gosh, I haven’t had those forever, but you’ve just sparked a cereal throw-back. I need to find some.

  42. Gosh I love your posts. They never fail to make me smile. :-)

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