Now Let me at the Truth

No lie, it is hard to concentrate with an adorable dog next to me. I probably should have warned you that I turn into the crazy dog lover when I am home. My low flux of tweeting the past two days is making me crave some… oh yes, hashtags.

  • It’s been a Mumford & Sons kind of mood lately. Especially The Cave. #can’tgowrong 
  • Notice anything? I finally did my Snack Attack page. Woof was it a project but I am proud of putting it all in one spot for you guys. Not only does it have links to the Snack Attack post but also links to each of the product websites. Now I feel even more excited to possibly create a link image and work on my other pages. #productivityatitesfinest
  • Tummy issues are on the rampage. I have been trying to ignore them the past week but now it is full force, like back to the not digesting food force. This doesn’t help anything at all. #tmi #whybodywhy
  • My friend posted this on my Facebook wall. I believe this is why the world is ending. #ihatecats
  • I am nervous the hairdresser is going to judge me today when I show her my split ends. “I swear lady, I do actually know what a pair of scissors are” #overayear #whoops227197_1006280757390_1236030655_30072249_7393_n
  • The only thing keeping me slightly mentally sane has been my running. My mind tends to race at all times of the day but once I lace up it is like my mind goes blank, crazy but crazy good. #mizunolove #hitthepavement281756520409088997_V6jCros9_c
  • Guess what? I have now done FOUR things on my 22 before 23 list. Check Check Check and Check. Sent a care package, make it two yesterday. Seeing the Nutcracker tonight, boo ya. Bought a pair of pants thanks to pv.body. Quality time with mom and sister – jamming in the car counts right? #dominate #smallsteps
  • I added more blogs to my google reader. Why do I do this to myself? I now have upwards of 350 I read daily. #rookymove
  • I should probably slow down a bit, like to kick this cold/sinus/congestion thing I got going on but I just haven’t been able to. Mental rambles would do no good right now to speak to this. Let’s just say I got some ants in my pants. (If I liked wearing pants…) #toomuchtoosoon #mentalheadcase231583605809862585_CkNIZbBR_c
  • Who likes smoothies? Ever heard of Sambazon? Me neither but boy have these organic superfood juices and smoothies been keeping me going with all these tummy woes. Their promise is a trinity; they promise Pioneering nutrition with premium, high quality whole food Amazon fruits and botanicals, Epic Taste with hand crafted recipes and exotic flavors and Higher Consciousness for supporting our planet and people. Their smoothie line includes Acai (Original, Blueberry & Pomegranate, Strawberry & Banana, and Acai Berry, Yerba Mate & Guarana) and Protein smoothies (Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond & Coconut Milk, Kale & Ginger, and Acai Berry & Chocolate). I even received this pretty sweet wooden bowl with the coupons! Try this stuff out, they even have frozen options you can learn more about on their website. But why not share the wealth? One winner will get 5 VIP vouchers for free Sambazon products as well as the same wooden bowl and spoon. I know I got some bowl lovers out there, yes I am looking at you. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you need these superfoods in your life. #acaimehappy #helpmetummy (Giveaway ends Saturday night 12/22 at 8 pm) featured-main-sambazon2
  • I found Kabocha squash at our local grocery store. I may have gone a little hoarding crazy. I had missed these puppies. #epicdeliciousness #nomonnom

My dog thinks I am insane as I sit here hacking up a lung, singing to myself and laughing at the tv. Multitasking at its finest.

Questions: What is your hashtag today? Why would you want to win the Sambazon giveaway? 

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91 responses to “Now Let me at the Truth

  1. Ack! Sorry to hear about the stomach woes, hun :( Mine has been behaving lately (thank God), but I can definitely relate to suffering through all sorts of miseries thanks to it. It’s times like those when things like those smoothies really come in handy, so I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying them. Hug your puppy for me! I always miss mine when I go too long without seeing her…

  2. Oh my you have a LOT going on! First, hope your stomach settles down a bit. Maybe it’s just nerves/anxiety? I actually have no idea haha I’m not a doctor nor do I suffer from these things. But pounding the pavement in those mizunos? Oh yes. Doesn’t get any better than that for some serious “me time.”
    350 blogs? You’re CRAZY!

  3. Look at you rocking your list! Besides your stomach issues, it sounds like your having an unbelievable time @ home so far. Keep enjoying your time girl! I can’t wait to hear all about the Nutcracker play tonight =) Whoever is on the receiving end of your care pkg is one lucky gal, and she should feel so honored to have such an amazing friend in her life!!

  4. my hashtag for the day is #isit430yet because at 4:30 i’m officially done until january 2nd and i cannot flipping wait. there’s other hashtags that will probably crop up throughout the school day like #middleschoolersarecray and #whyarewehavingthisparty but hopefully the cookie decorating i have planned goes off without too many hitches – and the kids are helpful about cleaning up. i need that. missing you, girl.

  5. My hastag… or saying since it’s a little long, is it’s the end of the world as we know it, and i’m busy editing (I have to meet a deadline today). Have fun getting your hair cut, mine is a mess too and I always feel like they judge me, but sometimes I wonder if you really need it cut every 6 weeks or if they just want your business, lol. I’ve had those sambazon smoothies and they are delicious, I’m glad you’re drinking them with your stomach issues, they are pretty nutritious and definitely tasty!

  6. You have 350 blogs you read daily?????? That is crazy talk!!!

    I’m always in a Mumford & Sons mood…They rock my world!

  7. No wonder you can’t stop running with all this going on! I’m the same way haha…no matter how much I wanted to sleep yesterday and today, I knew I would make it through the day better if I ran off some of my stress…so I did. No worries on the hair cut…I go maybe twice a year? Three times tops and each time there is no judgment after I say I teach preschool/work with kids…they know that means no money. Way to go for four things being down and more on the way!! Fingers crossed the tummy feels better soon…not allowed to be anything but 100% for Christmas! Enjoy the day love and get some rest if you can <3 Oh and my hashtag for the day (besides the ones molly posted) would be #omgishehereyet #whereishe #omgmakethechildrengotosleepnowsomscaitlingetssomepeace

    • I bet you are counting down the hours, its friday before break, your boy is coming and you start all the holiday fun. You have a lot of things going on so I hope today flies by. Nothing better than burning off some stress with a run

  8. That’s one of the reasons I love to work out….it’s just me & my thoughts (and my music ;))!

  9. So I think I need Sambazon next semester… No time to eat? drink smoothies like they are going out of style. Good thing they are not hashtags? I suck at them but today is going to be full #goodtimes #goodfriends and the #dreaded #doctor for women

  10. Sorry to hear about the tummy issues. :( Glad you’re having a fun time at home … and checking things off your 23 before 23 list! :)

  11. I’ve never heard of Sambazon so I’d love to try it! My hashtag is #WINTERBREAK in 8 hours ahhhh can’t wait!!

  12. way to start that list Alex! sorry to hear about the tummy issues…hopefully they don’t last too long this time around!

  13. Yay for quality time with your dog and checking things off that list! And for being super productive with updating the blog! That can definitely be a pain. Hope your stomach feels better soon, and 350 blogs! How?? haha

  14. Can’t wait to see what your hair looks like :)

  15. I have decided for you that you should go to the naturopathic doctor! I think they could really help you! um I cannot believe you read 350 blogs! That is insane, I would go insane keeping up!

  16. I’m literally scared to open my Google Reader in the mornings. It completely overwhelms me. Hope the haircut goes well. I’ve had quite a few bad haircuts so going always makes me a bit anxious. Hmmm my hashtag for today is #mydadmakesthecoffeetoostrong #ihaveamassiveheadache #oncupnumber2 hehe:)

  17. lmao I was shaking my head in agreement with this whole post. I’m sitting here typing with my dog staring at me like “Um hello there lady! pay attention to me” and I keep stopping my work to play with him. In the Mumford and Sons mood too lately. Love their music! And I REALLY have to get my hair done. It’s been 6 months :( but I hate sitting in a chair for 2 hours sooo….I dunno If I’ll make it in until the new year lol

  18. good job on your progress with your list! hope your tummy feels better soon :D

  19. You break my heart with all your tummy issues! I hope hope hope you get better magically once and for all. This post really reminded me I need a haircut. My split ends have split ends ;) I want to win a giveaway, one because I NEVER have and two because I always crave the healthy juice drinks, but cost always keeps me away. I still haven’t tried the kombucha everybody raves about. Feel better soon!

  20. I don’t know if you watch the X factor, but you totally look like the lead singer from 5th Harmony :)

  21. Hooray for Snack Attacks!! I love it, that’s awesome!! It’s weird that I am totally when same way when I go to the hairdresser after too long. I’m afraid she’ll judge me for my bad hair maintenance skills.

  22. Alex @ Raw Recovery

    Oh I would LOVE to win that giveaway. I need some superfoods because I was in the ICU over the weekend with near liver failure (right after my bday). No not a joke. Thankfully I’m doing a bit better now. Even if I don’t win I need to go get some of those products!

  23. Ok. 350 blogs?! That might be excessive… I heart you.

  24. Mumford = love.

    Booooo tummy woes :( Get your act together, Alex’s tummy! Christmas break is no time for such madness!

    And 350+?!?!?!?!?!?! Girl, you deserve blogger of the year awards. All of them that existed ever. I legit have like 20 that I check in on daily, and that keeps me plenty occupied. You are a ROCKSTAR.

  25. Haha, thank god the world hasn’t ended, yet. If it does, I’d rather be at home than here at work wondering when the heck I can go home #itshouldbeillegaltoworktoday. 2:30… Gotta make it till 3. And I feel you on tummy troubles. I started to feel icky on Wednesday, shot out of bed [Ryan and Charlie thought I was cray cray] and they’ve been off and on since. Too much TMI? #sorryimnotsorry XO

  26. SO, I completely forgot to tell you I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I was a little scatterbrained when I posted it this morning (as my mom just told me…slow down) but I have been thinking about it for awhile and you deserve it! <3

  27. Not here to enter the giveaway but I am glad to hear you are seeing Nutcracker too! #twins (that’s my hashtag)
    I hope that once you get home stress will ease off and with that, your tummy troubles will too!
    The Cave rocks. I love doing climbs to that song in spin.

  28. im a hairdresser and dont even cut my hair often lol just last thing on my list ever.. and good job crossing stuff off the list ! my stomach always acts up now because i eat cookies like its my job so i been trying to stick to simple smoothies for meals too.. hope you feel better!

  29. Is it just me or does making new pages take more work than actual posts? It seriously takes me so long to create new pages and I think they are most annoying. #bloggingproblems

  30. I’m sorry you’re having stomach issues. :( That puts a damper on things. On a happier note, yay for finishing your snack attack page! It looks great. :)

  31. I was definitely way too excited too when I rediscovered kabocha at the store the other day. I hope you can enjoy it without too many stomach issues, that’s the worst :(

  32. I want to go see the Nutcracker this year soooo badly!!!! You are going to love it. Absolutely love it :)

  33. aww take a picture of your dog :) bummer on the tummy issues.. that’s def no fun hopefully they will go away or decrease soon! And yay for getting a lot off your list! I should do that lol

  34. And I thought my GoogleReader got full … holy crap!! #drowninginblogs
    Definitely the same on the hair front though — when I cut mine in September it had been 13 months. And I haven’t been to an actual hair dresser since … oh jeez. Fall 2009? #toocheapforchic
    And loving on my blends more than life can say. #whatwouldidowithoutyou

    • Your card made me extremely happy so replying to this is easy peezy. Ya my google reader sometimes blows my mind. However, I am getting better at the mark all read when I have more important things going on. A learning process for sure

  35. aww I’m so glad you’re home with your parents, sister, and dog! such the best. Jamming in the car TOTALLY counts, it’s definitely one of my favorite “quality-time” things with my sister as well! MAD PROPS on conquering your to-do list too! Especially the pants. That is huge. I will have to buy some new ones after Christmas (hoping for gift cards)…you think it wouldn’t be hard since I have to buy a size smaller and not bigger, but I stilll HATEHATEHATE trying them on no matter what size they are. Goes to show size doesn’t matter a damn bit for anything! I really hope you get some downtime to kick that cold…the holidays at home are sometimes perfect for that. OOOH and guess what, my mom announced that we’re having lobster for dinner on Christmas Eve, and it totally made me think of you! That was random but anyways. Enjoy your time at home girlie!

    • I am the same way, it is not the size that bothers me but the actual trying them on. LOBSTER FOR DINNER you better be thinking of me because if I could I would be there in a hot second. Man my family needs to step up their game, this is a great idea for dinner

  36. You just sound so much happier! It is awesome! :)

  37. 350 blogs? Woaaah, I admire your reading dedication, haha. And I feel judged by my hairdresser constantly…went in with two inches of roots showing last night–whoops! There are so many other (less expensive) things on my to-do list ;)

  38. Hope your cough is getting better! um, and the tummy issues. And yes, jamming out with your mom and sister counts had bonding time. :) Very awesome that you have checked off 4 things!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  39. Am I the only person in the world that hasn’t tried Sambazon yet?! What am I missing?? This body could use a good cleanse with superfood. Always.

  40. So sorry about your tummy woes love!! At least you are at home with your family though right?? :) Have fun!!

  41. So sorry to hear about your stomach troubles. I’m totally there with ya. Just saw another doctor and am currently on a new “healing protocol.” Basically broth and meat to start off with. But I’m okay. Really… Because who wants to eat vegetables and fruit anyways? I personally hate chewing. Takes too much time…. Okay. I kid. I kid. It’s torturous. Haha.

    Are you still talking to your doctor like before? I hope you can figure this all out!

    • Whoa that sounds intense, I am nervous to do anything like that. My doctor said I would benefit from a paleo style eating but I am just not willing to do that. However, as the stomach gets worse I wonder if it is worth it. I need to see another doctor, this guy just has no time to see me.

      • It’s definitely worth checking out I guess. I’m following GAPS, which is just a really strict Paleo regimen. Just reading the symptoms… bloating. stomach pain, unexplained food allergies, etc. And the causes… premature as a baby, chronic ear and throat infections, frequent antibiotics prescriptions, antibiotics for acne, etc. It all lines up. So far I feel great, so hopefully it’s actually working. I’ll be praying that you can find something that works for you,

      • hm looks like I need to do my research,I have never heard of GAPS

  42. I used to have a frozen Sambazon packet when I worked at a smoothie shop. It was our most popular drink so I want to win some because I LIVED on that stuff and I miss is SOOOO freaking much! Thank the gods it’s helping your tummy that is awesome.

    Before I chopped all my hair off…I went like 2 years in between each haircut..ha!

  43. Sorry to hear about your stomach woes…hopefully spending some time at home will help! I’m really bad with getting haircuts as well. In fact, I hate getting haircuts and always put them off until my hair begs for one!

  44. I cut my hair once a year pretty much. I try to cut my own bangs but it isn’t always that great. As for blog reading you are dedicated!

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