Flying (and Munching) Away + 2 Winners!

Congrats to Pirate’s Booty loot winner Erin @ ErinBerries and El’s Gluten Free Medley’s winner Kaitlin @ 4LoveofCarrots (I actually didn’t think it was possible for the random generator to pick #1 as a winner – you sure are lucky!) Please email me at in the next 24 hours or a new winner will be picked! Didn’t win? Don’t worry, when I return from my trip I have over 10 more giveaways coming up.

Confession? I always worry people are just like ‘shut up Alex, how do you really have more to say?’ I think it is one of my biggest insecurities when it comes to my blog. I know my blog is for me, that is why I do it, but at the same time I hate not being able to gauge people’s reactions. I am such a communicator so being behind a computer is tough. I really wanted to see those faces when I said I hate nut butters and bananas. Confession, I may have eaten popcorn for dinner way too many nights this week because I had no time or desire to grocery shop. Ultimate foodie fail.

As you read this I am (almost) flying through the air back to good old Boston. The day before I left though, I got two lovely packages of some gluten free goodness that I have to spread the word about. It is the time of year where you are looking for those beach snacks that don’t weigh you down but are much needed for those long hot days. These you can find anywhere so I encourage you to give them a taste. You will not be disappointed.

First up, Skinny Pop. You know my addiction to popcorn. I mean I could munch on it all day. Well when this was handed to me (ps my apartment complex thinks I AM INSANE with the amount of packages I am getting), I was giddy with excitement. 

Sometimes you just need to snack. I am a huge snacker and can’t get enough sometimes. Skinny Pop Popcorn is all natural, cholesterol free, preservative free, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, and gluten free. This stuff is a great source of fiber and a delicious crunch that just keeps going. Just like air popped popcorn, it provides a great snack for any time of the day. You can see me eaten this morning, afternoon and night. Did I mention I love popcorn? 

Someone needs to get my hand out of this bag….

Check them out on Facebook and go get your own! 

Next up, Way Better Snacks. I had never had these before so I was excited to get my hands on them. Chips often lack flavor and any nutritional value. Oh boy are these the opposite. The sprouted ingredient chips are a wonderful new alternative in the snack food category. Sprouted ingredients are just starting to come to their own. Their six varieties (No Salt Naked Blues, Simply Sweet Potato, Simply Sunny Multigrain, Simply Beyond Black Bean, Simply Unbeatable Blues and Simply So Sweet Chili) carry a surprising amount of nutritional value due to their nutrient dense grains and seeds they use. Because they are germinated, the vitamins and minerals are more bio available to the body. Some other add ins – they have increased antioxidants, digestibility and nutrient absorption. 

For all the allergy friends out there, they are vegan, certified gluten free, non GMO, certified Kosher and a great source of fiber. I mean look at that chip! You can literally see the broccoli seeds, daikon radish seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and quinoa. Amazing. 

I have to say after trying each flavor, hands down my favorite was the Simply So Sweet Chili with the Simply Sweet Potato in a close second. You know me and my spice and that sweet chili had a little kick with an after sweetness I just loved. 

Again, get your hands on these. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter (@WayBetterSnacks)!

Man I’m hungry now…. off to Boston!

Questions: Have you tried any of these before? What do you need in your snacks? 

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57 responses to “Flying (and Munching) Away + 2 Winners!

  1. You were soppossed to pick me!?:( haha but I’m getting packages like every day now too:)

  2. Have fun in Boston!

    I am not a big snacker, if I do snack it’s always fruit or nuts or something like that. But I love popcorn so I’d be willing to try the skinny pop!

  3. You should try boom chicka pop popcorn. It has an awesome name and in my opinion, it tastes even better than skinny pop.

  4. gah!!! one of the reasons I hate being first to comment it because I didn’t think it was possible to be selected!! You are the best thank you :)
    I would like to get my hands on some of the skinny pop!!

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

  5. I have never had these, but I just found some gluten free chips at Earthfare that I LOVE. They have a ranch and a guacamole flavor that is sooooo good.

  6. I LOVE SKINNY POP!!! I can’t keep it in the house >:)

  7. Hope you have a safe flight home :)

  8. Woah,I love chips and I want the ones you reviewd. Like,seriously. I eat chips every day,talk about an addiction.

  9. I don’t need gluten-free stuff, but those both look great! Have fun in Boston!!

  10. Alysha @Shesontherun

    You are so opposite of me. Whenever I write anything, I never think of who else is even reading it. It always surprises me that anyone does. Because if I think about that too much, I self censor myself and kind of freeze up.

  11. Yum!! Those chips look so good!
    I always love it when I can see the seeds on them. So cool :D

  12. When I read that you don’t like bananas OR nut butter OR chocolate, my reaction was pretty freaked out ;)

    I tried to comment (Because I thought that post was way funny. And it’s good. Be yourself, you know?) but my computer was freaking out.

    Those chips look amazing!!! Have fun on your trip!!

  13. Never heard of either of those products, but they both sound absolutely delicious!!

    Hope you have a safe flight to Boston. Enjoy every second you can with your family and friends the next couple of days. :)

  14. My snacks always need some sort of sweet component. My sweet tooth just does not know when to quit!

  15. mmm i love sweet and salty snacks :) dying to try skinny pop! i need to find it by me. have fun on your break LADY!!!! enjoy- relax and kick back :)

  16. pshhhh I like your blog because you’re NOT a typical foodie blog! I honestly can’t focus on food that much. not good for me lol. These snacs sounds amazing though! I too am a huge snack, I really want to find some skinny pop! and ENJOY unplugging on your break, you totally deserve it!

  17. Those chips sound awesome! I’m not much a salty food snacker (I prefer sweet snacks!) but I think I would really like those. I love snacks made with lots of seeds and good stuff. :D

  18. Yay! I’m so happy I finally won something! This is the first time I’ve ever won anything.

  19. Have a safe flight and l

  20. I need SALT in my snacks. That one with sweet potato looks great!

  21. Have a great trip!!! I hope your travelling is mostly painless and easy!

  22. I love bagged popcorn like that. I don’t buy it because I will eat it all.

  23. Sweet potato chips? Oh man, I’m all over that!

  24. I can help you keep your hand away from the bag .. just send them popcorns to me! haha I’m so jealous! I wish people would send me free foods! d:

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  26. Pingback: Way Better Snacks Get Your Hands on These » Way Better Snacks

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