Only in Lex

As much as I am ready to move on from this small town my college is in, I have to remember the small things that I will surely miss. The safety in running, the walks around the town, how you can get from one end to the other in five minutes, the 24 hour Walmart, the crazies outside of it at all hours….

A perfect examples, yesterday on my run I was bite by a dog. Not a bad bite but it did break skin. I am a huge lover of dogs so knew how to handle it and have the dog not follow me, making sure I stopped running until it calmed down. 

Well, when I told my mom she of course flipped. YOU COULD HAVE RABIES, A FAMILY FRIEND I KNEW DIED OF RABIES… these were things I did not even think about , but she was right. Oh goodness, now I was not only paranoid about the bite that was definitely hurting and red but also how I would approach this stranger’s house to ask for their vet’s number. 

I decided this morning on my run I would just run by their house and hope they would be outside. To my luck, the father who lived there was coming in from a run. I waved and went up to talk to him. Swallowing all awkwardness I knew would come, I calmly asked if I could possibly have their vet’s number because the bite broke the skin. You know what… he was more relieved than anything. He felt so bad about the dog, proceeded to ask me if I ran marathons (flattering right?) and then about what I would be doing next year. I couldn’t believe his friendliness even after I was asking if his dog had rabies. He even knew my name because he works for the town and had seen my name in the papers a couple of times. 

Only in Lex… Soaking up the last five days here.

Questions: What will you miss about this past week? Ever been bitten by a dog? 

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10 responses to “Only in Lex

  1. I’ve never been bitten by a dog yet,and I hope this won’t change,but it can happen anytime & I am glad you weren’t hurt worse after all!
    It’s so nice that you’ve made the acquaintance of that nice dog owner though,so here you can see there’s something positive in everything that happens ;)

  2. I’ve never been bitten by a dog and I hope I’m not, but that’s pretty brave of you to just randomly go to the stranger’s house to ask. I hope you don’t have rabies and that you can get good care for the bite. That’s good that he was so friendly about it, he definitely deserved to know since it is his dog.

    It sounds like you live in a great town, too. Small towns are kinda nice sometimes like that!

  3. Haha, this was a cute little anecdote! I hope the bite gets better! But, it’s always awesome when you expect something to be totally awkward or unpleasant and you find that it’s the complete opposite!

  4. that would be so scary! i hope it’s all okay! i’ve never been bitten by a dog or any animal (that i can remember). but whenever i see a rabbit or weezel and ask my mom if i can keep it, she says, “yeah if you want rabies” haha

  5. Never had a dog bite, but I would be pretty scared! I don’t run outside a ton so it kind of takes that out of the equation. But I would trade possible dog encounters for running outside. Enjoy all the small town-ness while you can!

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