Trade-up Up Tuesdays

Another Tuesday, another day to trade em up!

I would trade a boring, standard iPhone ring for some jammin’ ring tone. I still can’t freaking figure out how to put a song as my ringtone despite various tries. Therefore, I have been living with the standard ring that kills me every time it plays.

I would trade Craigslist apartment hunting for already having a house to live in. The email yesterday saying I didn’t get that room was the icing on the cake. You wouldn’t believe my inbox right now, I have to have a separate folder for ‘Housing Search’ because of the amount of emails I have sent out.

I would trade the same dining hall dinner due to their lack of gluten free options for some home cooked dish. Who wouldn’t? It drives me crazy when the year is winding down and the food gets worse at school, leaving a meal bored and unsatisfied is never fun. 

I would trade passive aggressive behavior for those people to man up. One of my biggest pet peeves is the not so vague statuses clearly attacking a person. I am so not for that type of behavior, I mean are we in middle school? I don’t do well with girl drama, let’s just say I try to avoid it like the plague because I have no patience for that sort of behavior. 

I would trade this constant feeling of exhaustion for a well rested body. For some reason I have just not been feeling ‘alive’ in the mornings like I normally do. I am still waking up naturally at 630 but for some reason I just feel extremely blah and tired.

I would trade my class assignments for living the beach life of my sister. She just finished school and talking to her makes me extremely jealous that she is done. I know I know, don’t wish my last three weeks of college EVER away. A beach would be nice though. (My cousin -below- is a beach bum as well!)

I would trade conversations with my mom on the phone for a real life conversation with her (hug included). I could really use a big ‘everything will work out’ hug from her at this moment. 

I would trade my forgetful camera skills for some hardcore photo days. I don’t know how bloggers do it but I just completely stink at remembering to take pictures throughout the day.

I would trade my right arm for a huge bowl of watermelon. I mean not literally but I seriously have one of the worst cravings for watermelon. 

I would trade my normal energy state for some Energizer bunny additives. How does that bunny do it?

My Tuesday includes two hours of class, two hours of work study, meeting with the Dean and the new Head RAs (gah I can’t believe a full year as being Head has passed!), two hours of meeting for my mentoring organization, two hours of leading community service at Campus Kitchens packing meals and then a glorious  hour of RUF. Just typing that makes me exhausted – power through time!

Questions: Anything in particular this Tuesday you would trade up? What have you been craving lately? 

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22 responses to “Trade-up Up Tuesdays

  1. you should totally get the ring.maker! app. it’s so awesomeee. i started using it a few months ago and have been loving it. plus it’s free (i think). but totally worth it either way :)

  2. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Aw, a homecooked meal is always wonderful! I think I would trade a day of work for a day of vacation, I guess that’s cheating a bit though. :)

  3. I love those trades. I’d trade a job in retail for one in social media ;)

  4. I’m so with you feeling constantly exhausted and tired lately… Annoying,I agree!
    I’d trade my sick stomach for a nicer feeling one today. Hate my cramps,especially since I’m really motivated and want to change my eating patterns for the better. :(

  5. My son just paid a deposit for his first apartment. He did find that some were leased between the time he called to ask about them and getting in to see them. He ended up with one that is not available as soon as he’d hoped but that he’s otherwise pretty happy with. We really liked two websites that take Craig’s list posts and put them on a map; you can narrow your search geographically. Padmapper and walkscore. Good luck!

    P.S. I have an old “not-smart” phone and have songs for my sons’ ring tones. My oldest, the one with the new place, is “Carry on my wayward son” by Kansas. Which just so happens to be where I live:)

    • What a process it is, just not what I was expecting at all. Thanks for for the help, I will keep my fingers crossed. And what a cool ringtone, one call can totally change your mood.

  6. Ah, you’re a busy busy person it sounds like — sometimes it just starts to catch up with you and that might be why you’re feeling tired? When I start to feel that way, I save myself from getting exhausted/burnt out by taking a few rest days, doing exactly what I want to for my workouts, making plans with friends, or literally just laying around a bit. It usually passes!

    Hope your Tuesday is awesome.

  7. I would love to have a huge bowl of watermelon right now..

  8. Ugh, cafeteria food was the worst. I’d love to trade up from Tuesday to Friday, if that’s alright!

  9. I would trade my old lady knees in for new ones!! Itd be nice to workout without any leg pain for once!

  10. yes, love me some watermelon too! love this time of year when I can enjoy me some yummy sweet watermelon and cantaloupe!

    have u ever tried myxer? they have some great ringtones that just download onto your phone for free.

  11. I would love to trade up my insomnia for a good nights sleep! :) Sounds like you had a crazy day- I hope the rest of the week is easier and you get to rest some!

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